[UPDATE: Mission accomplished, 11/12/2019, President Jeanine Añez has the primary objective to call for new transparent elections. evo’s fraud was monumental; even evo’s friendly foe Almagro, could not hide this fraud, the OAS even said that evo cannot use the human right excuse to run again for the 4th time! (This was the old explication: I have changed temporarily the name of this tab, evo back on 02/21/2016, was told not to run again for the presidency. He did as he pleased and run again illegally on 10/20/2019, and it became more than evident that he made fraud to “win” … so, today is the 9th day of a strike at a national level and Bolivians demand he resign!!!) I will remove all of these once we have held and elect our new President!] 

Here you will find the posts I have made the translation of articles regarding SOCIAL and POLITICAL issues in Bolivian life. The following posts intend to show a summary of events and reality that is not shown abroad by current political party in government, Some of them are not issues that makes us proud but do reflect how Bolivia is changing , due to existing political styles… [Judicial Palace, Sucre – Chuquisaca]

Overall, I hope you consider them useful to understand better my beloved and beautiful country:

Palacio de Justicia, Sucre

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