Bolivian political reality in 2018

These two cartoons from El Diario, summarize our sorry situation, politically …

[June 19, 2018] On one hand we have evo that lives in his own cloud, he knows that his acolytes and supporters are right now the majority, although far from the 60% of votes he had at one time, now he could barely reach 25%, being optimistic. Corruption, bad government decisions, lack of vision, failure to capture investments and almost total annihilation of meritocracy across the board of public servant positions, have led to disarray, over $160 billion dollars of wasted public funding.

Yet, he goes on useless, expensive boondoggles for his own leisure, like visiting Russia for the football championship, returning to be “worshipped” by those useless, inept acolytes of the masismo.

And … we haven’t mentioned how narcotrafficking “affects” Bolivian reality …

[June 8, 2018] Despite the dramatic struggle of the people from Venezuela, we seem not to understand that divided we will not, repeat, WILL NOT be able to send evo home!

Bolivian opposition needs to understand that the way politics have been conducted before and during evo must end, once and for all.

We need to be able to select one candidate that could secure the needed votes to send the masismo to the only place they deserve: the defendant’s bench, so they can answer for al their crooked and inept actions during the last twelve years they had absolute control off ALL State powers.

We need a united front, those opposition “leaders” must understand better, and not repeat Venezuela’s disgraceful reality.

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