He lost the referendum but the government rejected the result and Morales is set to stand in October’s election after the constitutional court, filled with government loyalists, ruled in his favor.

Bolivia’s 2009 constitution, which Morales himself promulgated, limits a president to two consecutive terms of office.

But the constitutional court said it was Morales’s human right to seek reelection.

He won his party’s primary last month, after which he declared the 2016 referendum result “buried.” [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: less than 30% of his “supporters” showed up for that lame activity, they did not elect nothing as there was no election to make, just an excuse for him to claim that absurdity. He needs to remain in power to avoid all the trials for corruption and murders during his “government.”]

“The only thing that is buried here is an illegal candidacy, for which the public won’t vote,” said Carlos Mesa, a former president and opposition leader whom polls place as the nearest challenger to Morales.

Already the longest-serving president in Bolivia’s history, Morales has been in power since 2006. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: over $180 billion dollars wasted, not only the extremely high international prices for our raw materials’ exports were the cause of that bonanza, but also loan forgiveness that came after more than 10 years that this condonation of debt was initiated by the international donor community. His mishaps, demagogue and incompetent government only bloomed narcotrafficking, money laundering and smuggling. He turned out to be the worst president ever under the best possible economic times in Bolivian history.]