The MAS suffered a setback, could not bury the 21F

Pagina Siete reports:


The experts see that the primaries put “in doubt the electoral strength of the MAS” and that they generated “a boomerang effect” against the masismo.

Political analysts considered that the results of the primaries are a “setback” for the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), and that that party failed in its attempt to bury the 21F.

“It was a political setback for the MAS,” said analyst Ilya Fortún, who said that “these figures cast doubt on the electoral strength and political structure of the MAS, and showed us as a party in free fall.”

“The MAS managed to play alone and lose. This has been a victory for Bolivian democracy and a very strong political defeat for a party that tried to manipulate democracy and make a maneuver to legitimize a candidacy that is absolutely illegal and illegitimate,” affirmed Fortún.

The political analyst Jorge Dulon said that with the result of the primaries “there is a boomerang effect that has occurred against the MAS”; and that the ruling party could not fulfill the goal that was set to “show political force”.

The expert Paul Antonio Coca affirmed that “these primaries should not be seen as a defeat for the MAS, since the party can make adjustments and strategies in view of the process that is the most important: the general elections of October, which is where the totality of the parties aim at”.

The reasons

The political scientist Erika Brockmann affirmed that the low participation of militants can be explained by two reasons: 1) As there is no internal competition within the parties, there is no mobilization; and 2) many people did not feel identified with a process and with a party pattern, “whose registration has been forced in order to keep the job or they were obliged to summon their families and that there was going to be control”.

For Coca, two factors affected the low participation: 1) the “internal discomforts”; and 2) the annoyance of public servants. On the first point, Coca said: “It is noted that there are problems between grassroots activists and leaders, since the former are always the majority, and because of the results of the TSE, they have not gone to vote. Internal discomforts take their toll in this type of process.”

Regarding the second factor, the analyst indicated that “the role of public servants is essential, given that if the public servant is upset, he and his family will not go to vote, and that is a chain that adds up. Practically, half of those registered in the MAS did not vote, and that expresses the feeling of annoyance, of ‘punishment vote’ to the way in which the campaign was handled.”

Bury the 21F?

The analysts consulted agree that the MAS failed to bury the result of the referendum on February 21, 2016, when the majority said “No” to the “re-election.”

“With this process they wanted to bury the 21F,” says Brockmann.” But that’s going to be very difficult, because the 21F is going to be a stone in the shoe permanently and a ghost in the consciousness of the MAS,” she added.

The analyst Coca said that “the 21F referendum is already in the collective mentality, so that result can not be buried by any political organization.”

Dulon recalled that “the objective of the primaries and of them (masismo) was to legitimize and legalize the candidacy of Evo and Álvaro; and then with these results they do not legitimize, at all, the illegal candidacy and it is a low and hard blow for all the militancy of the MAS.”

What is the role of the opposition after the primaries? “The opposition is satisfied with the results, but it is dispersed,” Coca said.

The analyst added that the opponents could not join and that from now on, after the requirement of the primaries was met, “there can be greater division, since those who remain outside one party will join the other, and there are eight against the MAS.”

“The most serious opposition party will be the one that can have a proposal, mission and vision of an alternative country to the MAS,” said Coca.

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