Excusas para traer cubanos – Excuse to hire cubans

Opinión Bolivian Thoughts: El MAS, bajo el gobierno del caudillo cocalero, había chocado antes con los profesionales de la salud, de hecho, las enfermeras y médicos de Bolivia tomaron las calles para exigir que se destinaran más fondos a la salud, 14 años de bonanza se desperdiciaron para satisfacer los deseos delirantes del caudillo. El Presidente actual, fue ministro de Economía durante esos años y por supuesto aportó los fondos para hacer frente a esos excéntricos e inútiles despilfarros. Ahora vuelven a atacar al sector salud y la excusa es la pandemia. Quieren contratar nuevamente paramédicos cubanos, con pagos de sueldos más altos, como si fueran médicos con una sólida formación, dinero que va mayormente al bolsillo de los gobernantes cubanos. Quieren prohibir las asociaciones de profesionales médicos y restringir sus derechos humanos. En resumen, los demagogos populistas quieren el control absoluto de nuestras vidas.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The MAS, under the coca grower’s caudillo government, had clashed with the health professionals, in fact, the nurses and doctors of Bolivia took the streets to demand more funding be allocated to health, 14 years of bonanza were wasted to satisfy the delusional desires of the caudillo. Current president, was the Economics minister during those years and of course provided the funding to meet those eccentric and useless squandering. Now, they are attacking the health sector once again, and the excuse is the pandemic. They want to hire again Cuban paramedic, at higher salary payments, as if they were solid trained physicians, money that goes mostly to the pocket of the Cuban rulers. They want to ban the medical professional associations and restrain their human rights. In summary, the populist demagogues want absolute control of our lives.

Fahad Shabbir, UrduPoint:

Bolivian Lower House Votes To Ban Strikes By Medical Staff Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

MEXICO CITY (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 30th January, 2021) Bolivia‘s lower house has voted in favor of a bill that would bar medical personnel from going on strike during the COVID-19 pandemic and make it easier for new doctors, including foreigners, to find employment.

According to the bill, the state health system cannot suspend its services for sake of holding strikes, protests and similar activities during a health emergency.

“On Monday, the bill, approved by the lower house lawmakers, will be submitted to the senate for consideration,” the house president, Freddy Mamani Laura, said in a broadcast speech, posted on the legislature’s Twitter page.

The initiative’s opponents claim that it would impinge on the civil rights of medical personnel and demand the authorities to focus on creating conditions for protecting the population from the pandemic instead.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bolivia had confirmed over 208,000 coronavirus disease cases, including 10,167 fatalities.


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