To face an beat evo’s delusional desire to continue in the presidency of Bolivia

From the Tangled section of Pagina Siete, photo from the internet:

The “Mesa” way out

If the opposition wants to win the upcoming 2019 elections seriously, you must first invite the candidate with more possibilities, not of winning the primaries, but to win the vote of that 90% of Bolivians without a political party, that will not be able to vote in the primaries.

If, for example, that person were to be Carlos Mesa, it will be fundamental that he is the only candidate. Not going to be that Samuel, Rubén, Félix or Luis want to face it and since only registered militants vote, then they win him.

Once that triumph has been formalized, then to work, to win in the second round mobilizing all those who in February 21, 2016 voted for the No.

Will Evo be a candidate against the Constitution? does it matter? The transition is coming. (Facebook)

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