Bolivian Indigenous group teams up against re-nomination of egocentric evo

El Diario reports:

Indigenous group teams up against re-nomination

Original indigenous organizations opposed to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) met in the north of Potosí, and issued a pronouncement by which they commit to work together in defense of democracy and against Evo Morales to run again for the presidency, reported radio Pío XII of the Erbol Network .

Indigenous people create council parallel to the Conalcam

The Native Indigenous Peasant Council (CIOC) was formed for the “resistance of democracy” and will be parallel to the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) that brings together the social sectors related to the Government.

On January 5 and 6, they will meet to determine what measures they will take to reject the indefinite re-election of Evo Morales.

“They are backed by their social bases and will be activated based on the determinations, this council is an organization parallel to what is the Conalcam, the president divided the organizations. The objective is to make respect the democracy and the sovereignty of the people and that the constitution is complied with, “said the senator of Democratic Unity (UD), Edwin Rodríguez.

Among those who signed the resolution are Fernando Vargas, leader of the march of the TIPNIS in 2011, the opposition senator from the Quechua nation Edwin Rodríguez, the Aymara deputy Rafael Quispe, Ángel Durán Flores from the Chaco and representatives of the Conamaq, federation Bartolina Sisa and Tupac Katari, who are not aligned with the MAS.


The Conalcam arose at the beginning of 2007 to face the protests that were developed against the government of Evo Morales, brings together the main social movements related to the current Government. Sectors that did not agree with the central policies moved away from this organization.

Last September, the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) [main workers’ union] decided to stop being part of the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) and accused this operative group of the government of hindering the rights of workers.

In the pronouncement, the members of this indigenous council expressed their repudiation of the indefinite re-election of Evo Morales, because in his opinion he contradicts the ancestral customs of alternance “muyu”.

They also call on the citizenry for democratic resistance, in defense of popular sovereignty and the recovery of constitutional order.

They called Evo Morales “false indigenous” and challenged him to debate in any native language to reinstate democracy [which he just doesn’t speak any]. They declared themselves defenders of the vote of the referendum of February 21 and of the independence of the organs of the State.

Another of the determinations of the assembly that took place over the weekend in the municipality of Llallagua Potosí, determined to work for the protection of Mother Earth and denounce the permanent violation of the rights of indigenous peoples, in the face of continuous abuse by the government of Evo Morales.

On the other hand, the first days of January of next year, a national assembly will be held where other legal, pressure and other actions will be determined in order to face the regime of the blue party.

“This council is going to meet the first days of January in Cochabamba, where we are going to make a contingency plan of resistance and democracy. We have also determined that to enforce democracy, magistrates who do not enjoy the confidence of the people should not be sworn-in,” Rodríguez explained.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Slowly but relentlessly Bolivian citizens are beginning to understand that our democracy is in serious jeopardy. Twelve years under a de-facto totalitarian regime, absolute control of ALL State powers, over $160 billion dollars wasted under the worst possible ochlocracy. Indigenous rights and Mother Nature’s neglect have exposed the real nature of the delusional egocentric individual who seized power for his own gratification. There are over 700 Bolivians who fled the country out of political persecution; dozens of media were put out of business, journalists and media people were forced to either shut up or stop their questioning on the wrongdoings of the masismo … Bolivian democracy is under peril so it is great news that people start to fight back to preserve our democracy!

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