OAS recommends fresh election in Bolivia- preliminary report

Finance Yahoo reports, photos from the internet:

LA PAZ, Nov 10 (Reuters) – The Organization of American States recommended on Sunday that Bolivia hold another election, saying in a preliminary report on last month’s vote it was statistically unlikely that President Evo Morales had secured the 10 percentage point margin of victory needed to win outright.

The OAS issued its preliminary report after an audit of the Oct. 20 vote, saying it could not verify the result.

Morales was declared the winner, but there have been widespread protests against the result, with doubts arising over his having secured the outright win after vote counting was abruptly halted for a period during the counting process. (Reporting by Cassandra Garrison Editing by Frances Kerry)


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: evo lost its final excuse, the edge to hold onto power. This OAS report came on the best possible time, evo was calling his hordes to engage violently, with the excuse that there was a coup under way … he has NO other option but resign … easy comes, easy goes. History repeats, he bragged a lot of how he forced Goni out, it is his time now.

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