Violence erupts in Bolivia amid protests against Morales’ bid

AFP UK reports, to watch the video, please use the link below!:

Thousands of people take part in protest marches across Bolivia amid a general strike called by opponents of President Evo Morales’ bid for a fourth term.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Let’s not forget: Bolivian people voted and won against the re-re-re-re nomination of the coca caudillo! A Referendum, called by evo himself, took place on February 21, 2016, and the NO to him won! evo repeatedly said he would accept those results, he gave his word

Despite all the violence, it is refreshing to see the youngsters, our Millennials that fight for their future, that want to protect our vote, our democracy, our lives!

He wants to remain in power at ALL costs, and all violence and deaths are the sole responsibility of this delusional autocrat!

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