Economic and geopolitical interests behind the fire in Chiquitania

El Diario reports:

Congresswoman Jimena Costa

The MAS Senator candidate Rogelio Mayta warns “political opportunism” in opponents of the disaster in eastern Bolivia

So far in the last months, at least 3.3 million hectares burned in the Chiquitania were counted, an accident that, in the opinion of the deputy of the Democratic Unit (UD), Jimena Costa, has economic and geopolitical interests.

Costa said that after the Agricultural Summit, held in April 2015, the Al Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) agreed with the cruceño elite land and livestock owners.

She noted that, after the Summit, several laws were issued such as 741, of September 2015, which authorizes the clearing of up to 20 hectares for small community or collective properties for agricultural and livestock activities.

“There was already a law since 2015 that authorizes tripling the number of hectares that were even then, slash-and-burn. There were problems, remember that you could not land in Santa Cruz, environmental pollution, eye diseases, among others,” recalled Costa in the Dialogue program in Panamerica.

In that line, she explained that in 2016 the fire spots increased by 800%. “There are concrete actions of the Government that have caused the current situation, therefore the MAS is responsible for the situation because instead of preserving our forests, which are in the Constitution and environmental laws, they put forward an agreement that is political and economic and they decide to triple the clearance authorization and especially small properties; that is the origin of the problem that has been deepened with some decrees,” she warned.

She said that the situation in Santa Cruz highlights some issues that are political such as the pact of the real estate plan.

“Carlos Valverde has denounced in his program that they are being offered in Santa Cruz, at 1000 dollars per hectare burned,” she explained.


The legislator said that Bolivia is in a situation of huge ecocide since a report from the Friends of Nature Foundation (FAN), reports that the fires swept since August with 4.1 million hectares of forest and grassland.

She clarified that the report based on satellite images of NASA and the European agency ESA indicate that the area burned in the department of Santa Cruz amounts to 3 million hectares and represents 74.5% of the total areas affected by fires nationwide , according to the estimate made from satellite images of NASA and ESA, as of September 15, 2019.

She said that in the region of Santa Cruz the burning is 3,077,332 hectares, in Beni 879,495, La Paz 142,134 and in the rest of Bolivia, 30,429, making a total of 4,129,390 hectares. The size equals 41,293.4 square kilometers, similar to Switzerland.

In this context, she explained that wanting to reduce the actual number of hectares does not solve the problem and questioned that no national disaster be declared.


Costa said there is a geopolitical plan, because MAS does not win in Santa Cruz as they want. “Morales wants to be applauded in Santa Cruz and for that he needs colonizers, there has been talk of more than a thousand communities of people from the west or the valleys that have taken Santa Cruz in the last decade,” she said.

She explained that according to official results of the electoral body in Santa Cruz the electoral roll grew by 66% since 1997.

“In Santa Cruz, the voter registry in 1997 was 733 thousand, 972 thousand for the next election and for the last election of 2019 one million one hundred ninety-seven thousand, that is to say in a decade the register has grown in 66% how Is that explained? By the process of colonization, they move people to distort the vote of the Santa Cruz in favor of the MAS,” she said.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Undeniably and with all the evidence at hand … Bolivia is facing fraud in the upcoming presidential election. evo will do whatever to remain in power, whereas with the manipulated election or by cancelling it, as a result of him promoting violence as an excuse. The IACHR failed to understand that the Referendum of February 21st, 2016, stated with clarity that evo could not run again for the presidency. To make things worse, on 9/25/2019 evo spoke at the UN and portrayed himself as an environmentalist … all in all Bolivia is doomed as this clown misleads people abroad and in country. His corrupt populist demagogue government wasted over $180 billion dollars and lately has burned forest the size of Switzerland … Bolivia is living a nightmare by the hand of this stolid!

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