Bolivia ex-president’s pre-trial detention extended 2 months

The Malaysian Insight:

Bolivian former interim president Jeanine Anez is transferred to another prison, in La Paz, yesterday, as her pre-trial detention is extended from four to six months. – EPA pic, March 21, 2021.

FORMER Bolivian interim president Jeanine Anez’s pre-trial detention was extended by two months yesterday, as a prison official announced the ex-leader will receive medical care at the La Paz penitentiary where she is being held.

Authorities arrested and detained Anez, 53, last weekend on charges – deemed trumped-up by opposition politicians – of leading a coup d’etat against her socialist predecessor, Evo Morales.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Undeniably, the masismo has shown their true face, they only want power at ALL cost! They manipulate the justice system, control prosecutors, police and judges. If for any reason, those institutions and/or professionals were to go against the wishes of the coca grower caudillo, they are also prosecuted and jailed.

Out of the blue Arce’s government has instructed additional two months of jail to former constitutional president Jeanine Añez, She was sick and even a judge authorized her be transferred from Obrajes jail to a clinic, after almost two days of bringing lame excuses, not to comply with that ruling, she was moved to Miraflores jail, and another judge had ruled out the earlier order to take care of her health.

The world has made weak and sporadic attempts to bring the masismo to their senses, and of course, they are relentlessly going after those who question their squandering, their corruption. Bolivia’s democracy is under serious peril! The masismo lies and distorts events, it doesn’t matter if there are videos, statements, reports, they just lie and prosecute.

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