evo promotes bullying instead of debate of ideas, what a lousy jerk!

El Diario reports:

In Potosí

Mesa denounces “bullying” of the MAS


Carlos Mesa denounced yesterday that a group of clash of militants of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) committed provocations, in the style of bullying, against followers of the Citizen Community (CC) in the city of Potosí, which is why he had to interrupt his proselytizing activities. He said he will not enter the dirty war of the ruling party and the “game of physical provocation.”

“We had a series of visits scheduled, just like we did yesterday, but a group of MAS provocateurs, consistent with the style of bullying, consistent with the authoritarian style, consistent with the idea of clash groups, has begun to provoke to our people. And we will not go into their provocations. We are not going to play that game, ”said the candidate, through a video he published from the Imperial Villa.

The former president also said that the intention of the ruling party to send shock groups where he campaigns has the objective of showing that his candidacy is supposedly rejected by the population.

“We are not going to play that game of dirty war and physical provocation and violence, for what? So that an image appears in which they say: ‘The candidate of the Citizen Community was booed or attacked.’”

“Nothing of that. We are not going to tolerate it because we believe in democracy,” said Mesa.

Mesa also referred to Evo Morales, to whom he asked that the confrontation be in debate of ideas between them and not in the street or in the dirty war.

“To Mr. Evo Morales if he wants a confrontation that is through debate. The debate Mr. Evo Morales between you and me. The debate in which you follow your ideas and I say mine. Not the one who goes down the street, not the dirty war they are used to, the debate of ideas with ideas,” said Mesa.

On August 12, through his Twitter account, Mesa again challenged Evo Morales to a debate, counting the days that the MAS candidate does not want to debate. “35 days and the MAS does not want to debate.”

In response, the president and candidate Evo Morales said he will not debate with anyone since he is in constant debate with the Bolivian people.


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