2014-06-29 11.35.20 amBolivian Thoughts in an Emerging World struggles with current events in Bolivia, they are mostly political and economical inefficiencies which makes our lives harder than usual. However, from time to time I can provide good news and this page will be updated with the links of my posts which show OUR HERITAGE who, despite all our harsh endeavors, give us the light and energy to continue. [Picture is from San Jose de Chiquitos, Santa Cruz]

This page has one of the three categories that The Hall of Bolivian Fame page has. Please click on the names, places you want to see, thank you.

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  1. Jan Bailey says:

    Hello, I have a painting by, I think, a Bolivian named Ayala T. or V., called “Returno al Hogar.” 1963 stretched canvas on frame. Where could I find out more about him/her?

    1. Thanks for asking, internet could be a way to do it, however you need the full name … if you want you could send me a picture of it and I can run it with some Bolivian artists?

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