Silence prevails in the regional elections in Bolivia

Stuart Jenkins, SmallCapNews:

La Paz – Salvador Romero, President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, indicated that silence regarding the provincial election rules begins today in Bolivia after the party campaign ends the previous day.

The authority said the country was already entering a time when voters could evaluate the proposals of candidates or political organizations and thus determine the free vote on Sunday.

Romero warned that from this date the powers participating in the competition and citizen groups will not be able to broadcast any kind of messages to summon the intention of those who were called to the polls.

He added that Article 116 of the Electoral System Law stipulates that spreading propaganda outside the specified deadline will lead to an immediate suspension of that message and the imposition of economic sanctions.

In order for Election Day to take place in a setting of calm, al-Qaeda urges governments to begin unveiling the Auto de Buen Gobierno, a stage of prohibitions that will take place from 00:00 local time tomorrow until 12:00 in the afternoon. On March 8th.

The Electoral College, through its digital newspaper Fuente Directa, indicated that the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public and private establishments is strictly prohibited from Friday.

In the same way, you cannot carry firearms, sharp tools, or sharp and dangerous tools that threaten people’s safety.

It is forbidden to open shops, restaurants, food halls, supermarkets and markets. Moreover, public events, meetings or presentations of any kind cannot be held.

Only vehicles with a permit issued by TSE or District Electoral Courts may cross.

Next Sunday, March 7, Bolivians will go to the polls for the third year in a row, this time to elect governors and members of the Council of Nine Districts, from among other local authorities.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The world knows the coca grower caudillo attempted electoral fraud on 2019 and was caught and fled the country like the coward he is. We must NOT forget that the electoral database is highly questioned and has not been cleaned properly, thus, the ghost of a further fraud remains in Bolivian people’s minds. Salvador Romero has demonstrated since assuming office that he is biased towards the coca grower political party. Bolivian society had big hopes in him, knowing the professional stature his father was known for, but this guy has had many, many mistakes and has proven to be just an instrument to the masismo populist and demagogue party. This blog is full with news about his competence. For Bolivia to recover the image and capacity of our democratic institutions, we need to separate powers, we need to rebuild our justice and electoral systems,

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