Amalia Pando: “Mr. Edgar Apaza this time radio schedule is not yours is mine”

Pagina Siete reports:

Amalia Pando: “Mr. Edgar Apaza this time radio schedule is not yours is mine”

The journalist questioned the decision of the president of the Departmental Assembly to pretend to have a program in the same schedule of Cabildeo [Lobby].

“Mr. Edgar Apaza this schedule is not yours is mine,” was the response of the journalist of the Cabildeo program, Amalia Pando, after learning that the president of the Departmental Assembly of La Paz, Edgar Apaza (MAS), tries to occupy the schedule In which is issued her program to make another from 08:00 to 12:00 Monday through Friday.

The journalist questioned the decision of Apaza, expressed through a letter to the Gobernorate, calling it an arbitrariness and an excess of the abuse of power. She indicated that the fact of being president of the Assembly does not entitle him to “get” in the radio.

“He is not requesting (a space) He instructs the Governor, that is the tenor of the letter, that is going to do a radio program here, in a radio where he has no attribution whatsoever, he has no armchair, no chair, no little stool, he has nothing, here he has no business, go to Radio Patria Nueva, instruct there because they belong to his party,” said Pando this morning, in her program.

The journalist, who has repeatedly denounced that the government subjected the independent media to an economic asphyxiation by withdrawing advertising, announced that she will continue with her team as far as possible and expressed her solidarity with her colleague Gonzalo Rivera who could run the same fate in Lider [leader] radio.

Last year, journalists like Amalia Pando, Andrés Gómez and Carlos Valverde, among others, and media like Pagina Siete, ERBOL, ANF and El Deber were accused of forming the “Lie cartel” to destabilize the government of Evo Morales.

Several government authorities attributed to this supposed “cartel” the results of the referendum of February 21, 2016, where more than 50% of voters rejected the amendment of the Political Constitution of the State, denying a new re-election of the president and vice president.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The coca grower caudillo has seized ALL State powers for the last eleven years. he relentlessly aims at seizing power indefinitely, following the paths of Cuba, Venezuela and the declining “socialists of 21st century” … during his government, the delusional egomaniac has managed to waste over $160 billion dollars and Bolivian democracy is in peril!

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  1. Leon Škoro says:

    Thank you for work and time you dedicate to this blog! It is amazing, a lot of interesting informations about Bolivia. Could you reccomend me some articles about Morales chances in 2019? Will Bolivian people vote against dictatorship in second referendum (if there is any)? What is your opinion, will Morales succeed in appearing on ballot in 2019? Thaank youu

    1. Thank you Leon for contacting and sharing your thoughts. Law [the very some he endorsed and approved] states that the coca grower caudillo can NO longer attempt ANY sort of re-re-re-election … like the other petty populists in South America that have already left office, either by force or lost elections (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador), he can no longer waste more of our revenues, as he managed to misuse over $160 billion dollars over the last eleven years, and the international prices on our commodities are lower than during his first years in government.
      He represents the ochlocracy, the demagogue. He is being booed whenever he appears in public, now more with his intent to destroy the TIPNIS. He is turning like Maduro in Venezuela, try to grab power at all cost, maybe he is afraid of becoming a Lula or Delma … as we can put him in jail for many corrupt and dark acts he made.
      Our main problem is that out of the 11 million people we are, most ignore how pernicious this caudillo has been, made all social classes fight among each other, destroyed the sense of a Republic, lied, manipulated and waste resources … yet that ignorant people. despite knowing all the rampant corruption still believe and vote for him … that is our sad reality. On top of that, the opposition did not learn from Venezuela, they are split apart and do not join forces. In my opinion, we need a solid front against him or his successor, beat the masistas in any upcoming election, rebuild our Republic and in no more than three years, call for another election, and then opposition leaders could face each other … only with a strong front we will be able to defeat this caudillo who has absolute control of ALL State powers, he turned into a dictator and has bloomed corruption, narcotrafficking and violence. So far, he is succeeding in becoming Bolivia into the Somalia of Latin America …
      Lastly, you will find articles about all of this in this blog, under the pages like Economics and Sociopolitical, thank you.

  2. Leon Škoro says:

    Thank you very much for your answer. I believe Bolivian people will not allow Morales to make constitution a mockery and run again for president. His current term in power is also illegal. People who voted against dictator on 21.02.2016. did it not because Zapata case, but because the are fed up with narco dictatorship. Even before that scandal, SI and NO were tied, so I dont understand why all international media are talking about Zapata case as crucial for Morales defeat. Maybe I am wrong, but I honestly believe that you (Bolivians) voted NO because you want democracy back. I agree with you that you mast take example of Venezuela. Opposition must unite and close ranks. Look what happened in Ecuador when opposition was not United as it should be. Morales cant regain his popularity, he is exposed in front of his people and he cant win another referendum about term limits. I hope his statements that he will run again in 2019 are just a way to silence down party colleagues. Because he is afraid that critical voices in MAS will start fighting about presidential nomination for next elections.
    Thank you very much again for opportunity to communicate with you. Your blog contains so much valuable information. I live in post-communist country in East Europe, so I sympatize with the oppresed people under narco-communist terror. I will continue to read your blog and find the pages you reccomended me

    1. Thank you dear Leon for sharing your experience, many Bolivians continue to be misled and continue to give support to those demagogue socialists …

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