Congressman Dorado: Aguilera was part of the hoax in the Rózsa case

El Dia reports:

‘He was under Soza’s orders’

The opposition deputy Luis Felipe Dorado said on Sunday that the current director of the Special Force of Fight Against Crime (Felcc) Santa Cruz, Colonel Jhonny Aguilera, was part of the hoax in the Rózsa case that caused the death of three foreigners during the police raid at the Las Americas hotel.

He indicated that Aguilera was head of the police group armed by the government to investigate processes of national relevance and was closely linked to the legal office that was responsible for planning actions to persecute opponents in Santa Cruz.

He said that it is not strange that he now returns to the eastern capital because he was always part of that police team of high-level political trust of the government.

“Colonel Aguilera worked under the orders of ex-prosecutor Marcelo Soza and carried out investigative acts that the government instructed from La Paz, where the operators, as the ex-prosecutor said, were Raúl García Linera, Nolberto Clavijo and Carlos Núñez del Prado (deceased). Then it is part of the group specialized in legal assemblies,” he said.

The deputy indicated that the police chief during the Rózsa case, made notifications, gave instructions to police officers who were part of the commission of investigation and knew of the arrest warrants issued by the Prosecutor’s Office to the Ministry of Government.

In his opinion, Aguilera “is not a white dove and must account for his actions to have been an accomplice in the Rózsa case that did much damage to the Santa Cruz society and destroyed several families, whose parents or children live ten years ago in exile, accused without evidence and prosecuted without a sentence,” he said.

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