Morales and García must resign their candidacy

El Diario reports:


Deputy Rafael Quispe burned the Mas flag.

After the results of the primary elections where the MAS only had a third of the participation of its militants, several opponents asked Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia to resign to be candidates for the general elections of October 2019.

The senator of Democratic Unity (UD) and candidate for the Vice Presidency for Bolivia says No, Edwin Rodriguez, said that after the primary, the MAS remained without arguments to say that Morales and García enjoy legitimacy so the most appropriate is that both desist to postulate again.

“The MAS can not say now that the decision of 350 thousand masistas is the vote of the people and is worth more than 21F. Therefore, all he has to do and what the people are asking is that Evo Morales and Álvaro García renounce their candidacy,” said Rodríguez.

In the same way, the opposition congressman Rafael Quispe affirmed that the most noble thing that Evo Morales and Álvaro García can do is renounce the renomination and allow other people to be the candidates.

“What should do my former friend Evo is to renounce the renomination, he should not run again, it is a shame, he will loose,” he said and argued that “not even the masistas want to vote for them.”

Quispe yesterday burned a flag of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) in Plaza Murillo as a symbol that the government party “has died,” because of the number of its members who went to vote.

“You have to put an epitaph on it and bury it,” Quispe said in time to describe as “shameful” that Evo Morales had announced a “blow” to the primaries, but in reality seven out of 10 MAS militants did not give him their support.

In as much, for congresswoman Jimena Costa, the electoral day of Sunday for the MAS was worse than the 21 of February of 2016 because with their absenteeism the population said to the MAS that no longer believes in him.

“The most important thing of all is the lesson that is given to the ruling party from the citizenship that beyond the show, the campaigns, the speeches and the threats is that Bolivian society no longer believes in him. Absenteeism has won, even within the ranks of the MAS,” said Costa.

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