García Linera, the “designated” vp by the coca growers, who he really is …

A clear and true Editorial from Pagina Siete, photos obtained from the internet:

García Linera, the designated

Álvaro García Linera already has the backing of President Evo Morales and the coca growers of the Chapare to return to be a candidate for the Vice Presidency in 2019, which in these times seems to be more important than the same Political Constitution of the State that, specifically, prohibits both to postulate again.

At the end of 2016, García Linera had indicated that he would not run again for the Vice Presidency and, within that framework, the social sectors of the MAS began to debate who could be the substitute.

The Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) [Bolivian Workers Union], for example, defined and ratified this week that the vice presidential candidate must be a worker. Other sectors said that the issue should be debated before adopting a party position.

However, last weekend, a caucus of the MAS in Santa Cruz ratified the binomial of Evo-Álvaro following the line marked by the coca growers. And, to make it clear that this is a decision made, the vice president of the MAS, Gerardo García, said that Morales gave the line and that, therefore, “there is no longer discussion, there is no debate on this issue”.

The matter has been decided, as everything is decided in the MAS and the Government, by imposition and by finger pointing. There was no debate, there were no consultations, there was no internal democracy.

In any case, it is an unviable binomial because on February 21, 2016 the majority of Bolivians said No to a new nomination. The fact that the MAS and six magistrates related to the Government have decided otherwise does not erase the decision of the people.

Regardless of what the laws say, García Linera was already mounted in the electoral discourse and did it in his style: polarizing, racist, confrontational, guerrilla type inmersed.

“The contempt for Evo is contempt for you, it is contempt for the polleras [long skirts used by indigenous women, attire was brought by the Spaniards], it is contempt for the color of the skin,” he said in Yungas, where organically the coca growers decided to turn their backs on the MAS because it legalized coca from the Chapare.

“It’s not to be bitter, but to know what the fight is like, what you’re up against Indians, qaras [white people] and gringos against workers, peasants and people, that’s the fight,” he said.

If Garcia Linera believed that, it would have to be said that he is completely wrong, however, astute as he is, he delivers that speech only to stir up his bases against those who defend the law and democracy.

The political fight in Bolivia is not racial, it is not between Indians and Q’aras, it is between those who defend the law and democracy and those who want to violate it to preserve their project of power.

Do not tell lies designated vice presidential candidate.

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