New Bolivian millionaires?! out of public funds?! That is nothing more than pure corruption!

Angelica Siles writes in El Diario, picture from the internet:

Investigation of new millionaires

Art. 229 of the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) states: “The Attorney General of the State is the institution of public legal representation that has as its attribution to promote, defend and protect the interests of the State. Its organization and structure are determined by Law.” Art. 235 establishes that it is the obligations of the public servants and servants “to give a sworn statement of assets and income before, during and after the exercise of the position.” Therefore, starting from Evo Morales, public servants must make statements before the Comptroller. The summaries of the documents are public access.

“Law 004, on Fight against Corruption, Illicit Enrichment and Investigation of Fortunes”, Article 1 states: “The purpose of this Law is to establish mechanisms and procedures within the framework of the Political Constitution of the State, laws, treaties and international conventions , intended to prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish acts of corruption committed by public servants and former public servants, in the exercise of their functions, and natural or legal persons and legal representatives of legal persons, public or private, national or foreign that compromise or affect State resources, as well as recover the affected estate of the State through the competent jurisdictional bodies.”

According to the Forbes Ranking of October 2018, the 10 richest people in Bolivia are: 1.- Evo Morales, 2.- Fortunato Maldonado, 3.- María Otero, 4.- Marcelo Claure, 5.- Miguel Gellert Krigsner, 6 .- Gabriela Flores, 7.- Álvaro García, 8.- Juan del Granado, 9.- Manfred Reyes Villa and 10.- Elizabeth Verástegui. The newspaper Los Tiempos published, according to the affidavit of assets and income of Morales and Garcia, from January 2006 until January 21, 2018, data which shows that the equity of Evo has increased by 196% (almost three times), as well as Álvaro García’s, 1,533% (16 times).

The authorities that formed and are part of the MAS government, since 2006 and 2008, which increased their fortunes are: 1.- Luis Arce Catacora, Bs.492,279 in 2006 and in 2017 it grew to Bs.757,304 (325%), 2.- Héctor Arce Zaconeta, in 2008 Bs.1,010; increased by 299%, 3.- René Gonzalo Orellana Halkyer, in 2008 Bs.643,017; in 2010, Bs.2,357,327 (267%), 4.- David Choquehuanca, in 2006 Bs.551,864; in 2017 with Bs.1,281,922 (132%), 5.- Rubén Saavedra in 2010 with Bs.429,000; to 2017 with Bs.930,229 (117%), 6.- Hugo José Siles, in 2015 with Bs.2,007,790; to Bs.3,771,000 (88%), 7.- Carlos Romero in 2006 with Bs.1,883,000 to 2017 with Bs.3,059,000 (62%).

It can be noticed that there is a percentage of more than 50% increase in the patrimony of the servants that try to stay in power with traps, illegal maneuvers, with perks and works that fall to pieces, of the “Evo Cumple” project (?.)

And to continue with this embezzlement and economic damage to the State, the attorney general, Juan Lanchipa, reported that his daughter, an official in the Constitutional Court, committed an “arithmetical error” in filling out the form of the Comptroller’s Office, declaring that she owns of a housing property of Bs.4,176,545 bolivianos, when only 33% of its value corresponds to it. Quickly the servers of the Comptroller’s office changed the figures, because they are subordinated to the power of Evo Morales.

Faced with this disproportionate growth of goods of the State’s servants as a function of the MAS government, we demand compliance with the Constitution, that their fortunes be investigated and that other people who act as mayors, especially in Cochabamba municipalities.

The public servants, starting from Morales, indicate that they do not remember, that they did not know, that they are investigating the culprits of the embezzlement of the state coffers, or leave the prison and are free, while Bolivian families suffer from malnutrition. Then we have a government that is taking Bolivia to bankruptcy.

The author is an Economist – Constitutionalist Lawyer.

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