Bribes that have to be paid to be able to work … evo delivers!

Carlos Toranzo writes in Pagina Siete:

Contribute “voluntarily” to be able to work

We have one year of electoral campaign ahead, that means that public officials should increase their “voluntary” contributions to the MAS campaign. Certainly much of the second Christmas bonus will go to the coffers of the governing party and if the official refuses to contribute “voluntarily”, he will simply be fired.

The abuse of the power of the MAS with the public officials is on the surface, since they are obliged to contribute “voluntarily” to the government party, to contribute not only for the electoral campaign, but also since the official enters the public administration It sees reduced part of its remuneration by this contribution, for any campaign that decides to drive the owner of the party.

With incredible cynicism, several masista leaders express that the contribution is voluntary, that the official must decide whether to give it or not. We know that in authoritarian regimes if the demands of power are not met, the doors of the street are open for the official who does not contribute, or the courts and even the jail are open for those who dare to disagree with power.

The regime uses with extraordinary discretion the public funds for the advertising campaign of the MAS and, obviously, we have seen 12 years of electoral campaign. Spending on advertising is done with public monies, millionaire contracts without public tender, cash gifts to social movements, the “gifts” of Evo Cumple, without credible audit, that and much more spent by the government for its campaign.

As if it were their own money, the government distributes it to the military to guarantee the loyalty of the uniformed, also gives money to the police. No one blushes if works are contracted for one billion dollars without a bid for it, “small purchases”, like the cable car, hundreds of millions of dollars, do not require tender. For the process of change, the bids are neoliberal; therefore, it is not necessary to make them, so that, without further processing, the commissions or surcharges enter directly into the coffers of the party or party leaders. The collectors are protected by the revolution and justice; those who resell the seized coca have pure and simple freedom, because they explain that their work is for the benefit of the party.

The MAS when coming to power said that they would be better than all the previous political system because they are the bearers of ethics and new moral behavior. Morales cornered the “neoliberals”, accusing them of being corrupt. The MAS together with its social movements and some friendly NGOs affirmed that the process of change was colored by ethical messages and that it would be an example of ethical actions when it comes to managing power.

Very soon that fell, it collapsed with Santos Ramírez and the shady deals of YPFB. The Terán clan followed and there are hundreds of paradigmatic names discretionally handling the monies of the State. The way MAS administers power proves that it is more voracious in corruption than the entire immediate past; the “neoliberals” remained small in front of the masista State that is based on corruption.

The social movements in power showed voracity in the use of the State administration and have given several signs of falling into corruption. The Chapare is the sample of anti-values, because there is no longer coca cultivation, but illicit enrichment from drug trafficking. But the cocaleros are untouchable because they are the nucleus of the political power.

The MAS was born of the unions, especially the coca growers, was formed, with the help of Filemón Escóbar, in the manner of the mining union, with its corporate idea of politics. From this political model emerged the MAS, only at the last minute, this party and its leader got into the car of the defense of indigenous people and native peoples.

The MAS has presented itself as the greatest defender of Mother Earth, as a jealous guardian of the environment. But the TIPNIS has shown that one thing was the discourse in favor of the indigenous and that another, different, are the actions and the state policy, because this is disrespectful and repressive against the indigenous people.

It was undressed that this indigenismo was false, because what is imposed is the union and cocaine idea of power management. And the defense of Mother Earth? Once again, discourse of legitimacy, facing a reality in which extractive development is imposed, which does not have respect for the environment.

Where is the defense of ethics and the ethical action of the State and the state administration? Where is the fight against corruption? Where are the ethical actions of the social movements that administer plots of power? Where is the respect for the indigenous? Where is the cult for Mother Earth? They just do not exist. The MAS no longer has those values and will continue to collect.

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