Shames of Chile and Bolivia

Humberto Vacaflor writes in

Shames of Chile and Bolivia

Humberto VacaflorAccording tells Alcides Arguedas, a serious historian, after the invasion of the Bolivian coast, Chile sent a message with a German tinge, in the words of Ambassador Abraham Konig, in saying: “The coast is rich and worth millions, we already knew it. We keep it because its worth, because If it did have value, there would be no interest in conserving it.”

He could have said “there would be no interest to retain it”, but as he was of uncertain origin, between Jew and German, was not fluent in Castilian.

And he said, with no sign of embarrassment, that “Chile has occupied the littoral and has seized it with the same title that Germany annexed to the empire Alsace and Lorraine …”

Unfortunately for this Chilean spokesman of Hun origin, Alsace and Lorraine in 1944 would return to French sovereignty. The thefts are not necessarily eternal.

That is the shame that has Chile for that assault. Since then he lives to exploit the same loot. Now, 136 years later, copper exports represent 67% of the total. It is a dependent, monoproducer country. Besides copper, it only exports some wine produced in part in Mendoza, and some other trinket.

That is the reason why Chilean rulers are bothered whenever Bolivia talks about the unjust situation. It is that the complaint is highlighting that here there was a robbery and that if it were not for that robbery, Chile would be an unviable country. It is the Chilean shame. A country that has erased its history, which wants it full of successes and victories, they lost control of the Patagonia because at the time they did not dare to face Argentina.

The saga reaches 2015. And we found Bolivians living another embarrassment. The country’s economy has become dependent on other illicit. It is not the product of a theft, but almost.

On real accounts, exports of coca and cocaine account for about 50% of everything the country sells. Economists wash their hands saying “there are no statistics,” but know that the Bolivian economy, and Bolivian politics have a shame, they live in shame.

The difference is that Bolivians could get rid of our current shame. We are not totally dependent.

Humberto clearly describes the shame on both countries. An absolute truth that puts us in peril, Bolivia could become like Somalia. Under the leadership of the coca grower caudillo, narco trafficking is destroying our society.


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