evo and the MAS denigrating people with the “mitimae”

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario, the definition of mitimae is provided here:

Economy of words

The mitimaes of MAS

Like the Incario monarchs, the Evo Morales party has sent thousands of Bolivian citizens away from their places of birth to invade lands of other native peoples and spread the philosophy of the “process of change.”

And he continues to do so, as denounced by the peoples of Santa Cruz and the news that arrives from Pando, where the high plateau people who were transferred in this way try to survive as they can.

A report says that these mitimaes received state lands when the assault on Cobija was planned to enable their airport for non-stop flights to Caracas, carrying drugs, as denounced by Leonardo Coutinho.

Now they are engaged in commerce. They have sold their land, or also chose to sell their labor force. They have no idea of the use they could give to those Amazonian lands where chestnut trees or rubber trees are, so alien to potatoes or quinoa.

They have already fulfilled the first purpose of their transfer, which was to vote for the MAS candidates in the elections. Some have returned to their places of birth, but they have had to do it clandestinely, because the commitments they had to sign when they were taken stipulated sanctions. It was a trip without return, as ordered by the Inca at the time.

Exodus currents become more intense when elections are approaching, Roboré leaders denounced at the time when they wanted to stop the arrival of immigrants brought by the government to the Tucavaca Valley, earlier this year.

Other provinces of Santa Cruz have also been invaded by these government mitimaes hordes. No organization for the defense of human rights or of native peoples has ruled on this exercise similar to Stalin’s practices in the USSR.

The most famous case of the communist dictator is that of the Chechens who were taken by force in 1944, so that their existence is erased from Soviet geography.

Bolivian journalism is reporting the irregular situation of these highland peoples that were taken to the east.

Could it be that a candidate can claim for them and make a complaint? Or is this a campaign of mute candidates?



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