21F: former president Pastrana accepts being “ambassador” [evo … your days are numbered!]

ANF thru Pagina Siete:

The Pro Santa Cruz Committee asked former President of Colombia Andres Pastrana to be ambassador of 21F. He accepted and promised to ask the president of his country, Ivan Duque, to submit a request to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the application of Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights and whether “perpetual re-election” is a human right.

At the request of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, former President Jorge Quiroga handed Pastrana a letter with two topics: one to ask him to be the international “ambassador” on the need to defend democracy in Bolivia; on the other hand, for Colombia to formulate a “consultation” before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on indefinite renomination.

Civics from Santa Cruz said that it is great to have such “this sort of an ambassador” in the international society, to ask that the Political Constitution of the State be obeyed and the will of the people expressed in the referendum of February 21, 2016 be respected.

He also promised to ask the Colombian president, Ivan Duque, directly to raise a question before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on whether indefinite re-election is a human right.

“We want the IACHR or the State of Brazil or Colombia, which were guarantors of this Constitution, which today is being violated, that can ask and bring the consultation to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, as did the Venice commission, to establish whether reelection without limits is a human right. We want to ask the Colombian State to help us to make this consultation, “said Quiroga.

The response was immediate, Pastrana agreed not only to be an “ambassador”, “count on me, I will be your ambassador and I will convey this message about our struggle,” he said, noting that similar defense was done in Nicaragua and Venezuela.


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