OAS Says Lula Forced the Company to Undertake Bolivia Construction Project

Felipe Bächtold & José Marques, Folha; Paula Bianchi, The Intercept Brasil, report for Folha de Sao Paulo:

Case was shared by Lava Jato prosecutors; former president denies illicit

While negotiating a plea bargain agreement, businessman Léo Pinheiro, former president of OAS, said the construction company undertook work in Bolivia to please former president Lula (PT).

The petista, according to Leo Pinheiro, wanted to avoid a wobble in Brazil’s relations with the government of Evo Morales.

The mentioned work is the construction of a road that had been started by Queiroz Galvão in 2003. Queiroz, however, got involved in a dispute with the Evo government and broke the contract in 2007.

According to the contractor’s report, Lula secured BNDES financing in the neighboring country and promised that OAS would obtain another contract in Bolivia as compensation for carrying out the troubled project.

The Brazilian government, said Leo Pinheiro, said the impasse posed “diplomatic risks” to the country. The stoppage of the construction of the road began to generate protests in the affected regions.

The report is in the proposal of an allegation by Léo Pinheiro, which was shared by Lava Jato prosecutors in the Telegram application and was sent to The Intercept Brasil website. The site and Folha analyzed the files.

Lula’s defense said, “the negotiated lie is Lava Jato’s strategy to promote political persecution against the former president.”

Bolivia’s ambassador to Brazil, José Kinn, says he knows nothing about Leo Pinheiro’s statements.

Pinheiro’s defense declined to comment.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: What more evidence could we expect to understand how corrupt was the Sao Paulo Forum – Socialism of the 21st century?! evo and Lula have failed their constituents by using their people’s money for political expansion, to perpetuate themselves in power. Corruption that ended Lula in jail … Bolivia just hopes the time for evo to end in jail, is not far away … we first have to vote him out in October!

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