Bolivian cardinal causes controversy after supporting Morales re-election bid

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Cardinal Ticona’s first public statement was against evo … after he received approval by Bolivians, he changed his talk and is openly an advocate of evo … of course he lost credibility and respect from most of Bolivian population. He also had accusations that he had a “wife” with whom there was a sale of a lot/house … which also diminished his credibility.

evo on the other hand shows how unstable and hypocrite he really is … at the beginning of his government, for the first time in Bolivian history, he ordered to take out the crucifix and Bible from public offices. Now, his acolytes swear-in with the fist in the air, as socialist/communist scum they are.

He went interchangeably to criticize and insult the Catholic Religion, with showing at special festivities, like if he was a devote catholic believer. Cardinal Julio Terrazas (+), was the one who confronted that demagogue and his message was clear that made evo withdraw. A terrorist attempt was made to the house of Cardinal Terrazas, after over 10 years of that show, it is becoming more evident that it was caused by police and army people charged to place that bomb and blame some alleged terrorists, who later were killed on the spot, in their hotel rooms, making it also appear as there was a fight, while videos show police planting evidence and these alleged terrorists were shot in the back, they were executed. evo appears in a video with Chavez and Castro saying that he ordered that attack to the hotel. [in the event you are reading this blog for the first time, you should know that I, on purpose, write evo’s name without the first letter capitalized … this egocentric individual has done too much damage to Bolivia, that he lost my respect.]

Aside of the rampant corruption and waste of over $180 billion dollars by this inept government. Over 700 Bolivians had to flee the country due to political persecution. evo also made clear that he really despises indigenous people and mother nature, his hatred against TIPNIS and Tariquia say it all.

So, Ticona’s endorsement to an illegal and illegitimate candidate really stinks. evo lost a Referendum on 2/21/2016 … yet evo persists to continue in government …

Pope Francis made a mistake when appointing Ticona, what is the purpose of having a Cardinal, to an already retired individual and foremost, someone who cannot even vote in the event to elect a new Pope?!

Both Ticona and evo only provide unrest and discomfort to Bolivian society.

Ines San Martin reports for Crux:

ROME – A Bolivian cardinal has drawn criticism for his open support for President Evo Morales at a political rally for the long-serving socialist leader.

Cardinal Toribio Ticona called on Catholics to support the indigenous leader on Monday, saying, “Moving forward, we must always go with President Evo Morales, not only do we have to speak, but we must all work [in favor of him].”

The prelate’s remarks caused concern among opposition leaders and also the local Catholic Church,which distanced itself from Ticona’s remarks.

Bolivia will have national elections this October, and the leftist activist, who’s been president since 2006, will seek reelection.

Speaking about the upcoming poll, Ticona said “we must all work and go everywhere,” showing Morales’s “happy supporters” to the rest of Bolivia.

The Bolivian Bishops Conference issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that the public support the cardinal had given Morales was “personal” and doesn’t represent the position of the Catholic Church.

“Cardinal Toribio Ticona expressed an opinion that we consider at this moment as his opinion, which we respect and which a person can have, as any of us has a position,” said Bishop Eugenio Scarpellini during a press conference.

Scarpellini also said that the Church accompanies the electoral process as a “democratic space” where the country and the people “grow in democracy.”

“For us as a Church democracy is one of the important paths to live and apply justice [in favor] of the country’s growth,” he said.

The prelate also distinguished a statement made by the bishops’ conference, which he said they will soon release, from one made by an individual bishop, which is done “at a personal level.” The Church, Scarpellini said, does not “speak through Ticona.”

Ticona was created a cardinal by Pope Francis last year. When the pontiff announced his decision, rumors arose about him having a wife and children, which he quickly denied.

Ticona, 82, is the retired bishop of Corocoro, and he’s no stranger to politics.

He spent most of his priestly life ministering to and working alongside local miners in the small town of Chacarilla.

When he was ordained a priest in the 1960s, the town of 2,000 people had no local government structure, so Ticona served as mayor for 14 years, attending to local matters during the week and celebrating Mass on the weekends.

He was also a trade union leader and has mediated conflicts between miners and the military. He also served as a military chaplain.

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