Use of state assets for MAS activities

El Diario reports, photo from the internet:

Opponents ask the OEP [Multi-national Electoral Body] for a report

The Foreign Ministry affirms that the authority is of Public Works, which in turn does not respond. A representative of “bartolinas” assures that “she has no knowledge” and a vocal of the TED asserts that “by responsibility can not comment on a complaint”

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), on several occasions and publicly, used the parliamentary grounds of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) in Cochabamba, to hold strictly unofficial meetings that were observed by the Democratic Unity. (UD), political party that requested a report to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) for “misuse of state property.”

“Apart from any electoral process, it is prohibited, both by the Constitution and by law, that State assets be used for the benefit of a political party. In this month the Unasur facilities were used (…) where the coca growers met to decide the candidacies of the MAS. They used these public facilities for party decisions,” said representative Gonzalo Barrientos.

Before the official media version, in the sense that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided the Unasur premises for MAS meetings free of charge, EL DIARIO consulted the Foreign Ministry on how the Unasur facilities were assigned during November 14 and September 27, where party meetings of the ruling party were held.

Officials of the Communication Unit of that office responded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not yet responsible for these properties and that the Ministry of Public Works is in charge of the Unasur facilities.

Then, EL DIARIO approached the Ministry of Public Works where it was informed that Mr. Tito Marconi is in charge of the Urbanism Unit and he is the one who can give information about it. However, vain were the attempts of this means of communication to locate said official in order to provide the counterpart to the complaint made.

We also consulted the leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Women “Bartolina Sisa”, Segundina Flores, about how they accessed the Unasur facilities on November 14, when they held the Unity Pact meeting to proclaim the candidacy of the president.

“I have no knowledge, because I only signed the announcement and then I was out of the country five days before,” she argued.

The member of the Departmental Electoral Tribunal (TED) La Paz, Freddy Cayo, argued that “as authorities can not comment on the bad or good use of state property because their condition does not allow them, they would be subject to recusal for addressing the issue, in case any complaint should arise.”

“We are going to pronounce when we have knowledge of those cases, so I can not at this time say whether the central government, the governor or the municipality or any authority used or misused the state’s property, because he/she would be recused and It’s not that I’m afraid to give my opinion, but I have to be responsible,” said Cayo.

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