Bolivian leader Evo Morales: Hero or villain?

The BL News:

Bolivian leader Evo Morales: Hero or villain?

President Evo Morales portrays himself as an environmental defender at the United Nations (UN) while Bolivia burns.

The socialist leader does not hesitate to take the pressure off himself and blames the capitalist system for the fires that have devastated more than 4 million hectares of forest and jungle.

However, his critics point out that during his speech at the UN, Morales did not mention the devastating fires started as a result of his decree that gives the green light to permanent burning.

The leftist also blames the millionaire without mentioning that in the 13 years Morales has been in power his fortune has tripled.

On the contrary, official reports show that during the same period, Bolivia is the country that makes the least reduction in poverty in the entire region.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Most certainly, evo is the most despicable sorry excuse of a politician … there are videos and recordings of ALL the stupid things he said over time, this blog is full of them.

Citizens said NO more evo in a Referendum, still he is pushing for an illegitimate, illegal re-re-re-re election. After saying repeatedly that he was going to obey the desire of the people.

During the last 14 years he held absolute control of ALL State powers: more than 60 Bolivians died violently due to mistakes of evo’s wrongdoings and he bragged about there will be no deaths during his government;  narcotrafficking bloomed; over 600 Bolivians fled the country as a result of political persecution; he set on fire the last dry forest in the world; he wasted over $180 billion dollars in useless state-owned enterprises; he engaged in a trial regarding our lost sea coast to Chile and lost at the International Court in The Hague, misleading people along the way; he gave China control of road projects that never ended up well, Chinese destroy our biodiversity with their polluting mining and treat badly Bolivian employees; he gave the control of his safety to Cuban and Venezuelan hordes; he made bureaucracy exploit to limits never seen before; he is misogynist; he forced the postal office to be closed down; he received the loan forgiveness from the international donor community and received the highest prices ever on our gas and mineral exports, all of that thanks to previous governments that he despised while he failed at attracting solid investments and discoveries of new reserves  … and the list goes on.

Looking at the picture above, we realize the world has little interest on this autocrat. A living lying egomaniac. A despicable villain!

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