Open threats to keep the government in Bolivia: After them, the flood

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

After them: the flood

Carlos ValverdeThe vice president has warned that failure not to continue the current system of government, the country would be faced with a return to conflict; and not even the appearances are kept, they are no longer interested in giving a sign of democratic institutions, the desperation to remain in power is so great that he warns to re-ignite the country if the referendum is not won. Why I say that is threatening to “re-ignite” the country? Well, simply because since the defeat of the “March for Life and the relocation of 85” the only ones who could articulate at the “base” were the so called Social Movements, that were appropriated by the masismo. Were these people from the center of the country, with the ‘water war’ and later from El Alto and the Yungas road in the so-called gas war, “prevented the presidential succession and forced Rodriguez Veltzé to early elections, which the current ruling party won.

In Bolivia, since April 2009, following the slaughter of the Hotel Las Americas, there is no party or organization capable of generating a political counterweight or citizen as organized in 2008; it is a fact: the only ones that can generate ‘this level of conflict’ are the MAS movements, called skillfully social unity pact and any other name that can happen to them. The vice has assumed that if the country is not governed by Morales and he, democracy becomes unworkable and the country ungovernable, and the mere mention of it is dangerous because it denotes a decision of damaging democracy and citizen will.

And no one believes that Don Alvaro, or the head of government are very democratic (indee,d we have seen their totalitarian manifestations); what really matters is that it has decided to submit to blackmail Bolivians that “if not with them, not with anyone”; threat, if coming from the sidewalk in front, today would be denounced as subversive, but because of the power comes from, is only a “return to the country warning that nobody wants”. But it is clear that “no one wants the country” can only be done by the masismo who moved the parliament to the street, which had surrounded/shielded by the corrupt movements and corrupt leaders who have used the state coffers as part of an ‘armed pax’ who they are willing to put aside if things do poorly for them at the polls.

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