Meet the real “nature” of current Bolivia’s VP… it is SO disappointing!

Susana Seleme wonderfully describes current VP’s “ideology”, she writes in El Deber:

The Socialism of the ‘vice’

What is a striking analysis of the vice-president is the absence of social classes. Who takes the fight in the ‘battlefield’ …?

Susana SelemeThe theoretical Community socialism of the ‘vice’ suffers from flaws that can not hide nor his narcissistic personality nor the hodgepodge of concepts used to fish on the naive. He should be reminded that Marx never spoke of indianistas utopias, or in socialist society or communist society, the last stage of the class struggle. There, arrived, the classes should disappear and the State is dissolved, therefore, would also dissolve the Plurinational State, one of the worst works of his creation.

The vice confuse socialism with communism as if they were equals. Does he not know or just manipulates? He says that “socialism is communism,” which now, for obvious reasons, receives other names. Surely he invents. In the communist era no longer governs the slogan “to each according to his ability” applied in socialist implementation, but “to each according to his need” equivalent to its egalitarian communal socialism. What is striking analysis of vice is the absence of social classes. Who fought, then, the struggle in the ‘battle’ between community collectivism versus retrograde capitalism? Do the ‘community members’ will be the farmers who own their plots like the cocaleros- that may be or are small or medium bourgeois?

The proletariat class seems extinct in Bolivia, for the vice never mentions it. It is very numerous, some because the state does not create productive employment and the bourgeoisie has no capacity to generate it at large-scale, but the working class was the vanguard of the revolutionary struggle. Vice absences also point to the ‘lumpen proletariat’ in Bolivia is the largest social group. Marx used the concept to refer to poor and ragged homeless population marginalized, unemployed today, serving dictatorships and authoritarian populism.

If the vice states that “we, the revolutionaries do not fight to better manage capitalism”, what have they done in nine years of absolute centralism as befits all socialist project, if they do not manage to deliver bonds, double bonuses and other perks to degree distribution of wealth extraordinary product of oil and mining revenues, in addition to state corruption? If the practice is the only validation of the truth as they knew classical Marxist theory better than the vice-president, we must remind him that nowhere in the world has been validated the success of socialist-communist theory.

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