Bolivia is in Trump’s sights

El Diario reports:

The State has been observed for the rights of workers; the age for child labor and human trafficking

Through a journalistic note by Erick Foronda, sent to EL DIARIO, it was learned that two major setbacks were received by the Government of Bolivia in only 24 hours from the administration of President Donald Trump. The United States, which has examined the Morales government and instructed it to modify the Child Labor regulations if it does not want to lose the benefits of the Generalized System of Tariff Preferences (GSP).

Likewise, a memorandum issued by the President of the United States has announced that Bolivia will not receive any type of non-humanitarian or trade-related aid and that it will deny any request from the Morales government to the international development banks to obtain non-humanitarian loans due to the lack of will to comply with the Trafficking in Persons Law.

This is the first time that the Government of the United States adopts two drastic measures against the government of Evo Morales, in relation to two issues on which there were already observations in the past years.

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