Despite the poverty, expenses continue

A well-thought Editorial from El Diario:

There is an anguish in the entire economic environment of the country, especially in the private sector of the business sector, due to the difficult situations in which the national economy finds itself: there is a decrease in international reserves; the government insists on contracting new loans; there is a decrease in gas production and, as long as there are no certain, effective and clear certifications on the reserves that would be under investigation by a prestigious Canadian company, we will certainly not know what to expect. It is said that the data provided lately on possible reserves of more than 10 trillion cubic meters of gas, slightly higher than those known until 2013, would be given later, meanwhile, it is difficult to calculate the future.

The seriousness of this situation is that the need to observe austerity in spending seems to make no dent in the government and the habit of spending “without measure or clemency” has become chronic and there would be no way to stop a maelstrom that could be harmful. Living on the embers of what could be the future is worrisome for all and, logically, the government and its party would have to share those anxieties because, if we continue as we are, we run the risk of aggravating the country’s poverty, especially when there is awareness of that we have many thousands of people who are at the extremes and many other hundreds of thousands who suffer from a chronic poverty that tends to worsen.

Austerity is a virtue that comforts poor economies; It is the most effective way to cope with critical situations and is also the best system to learn to live from what you earn and know how to save something from what little you have. Living under the principles of austerity determines that the government avoids waste that does not correspond and shows the ways to attend only the most just and necessary. The offers on carrying out works, without having the precise money, is detrimental for the government because at any moment sectors that received optimistic promises, can request their fulfillment; but what and how much can be done when there is no money? What projects exist to do them immediately and that they are referred to the health through the attention to hospitals endowing them of the precise equipment for the treatment of many diseases as it is the cancer? What other priority could there be when there are thousands and thousands of disabled people who do not have any income and who would need a solution to their serious problems and needs?

The government, if it wants to get out of critical situations, has to make the necessary efforts to apply the virtue of austerity to all its policies and not act under the wrong criteria as if it had a lot of money, especially when the boom times passed in which The most urgent thing could not be done, such as attending to health, education and combating poverty.

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