An impossible, illegitimate, illegal candidate!

Bolivia suffers the egocentric relentless desire of  the coca caudillo to remain in power. evo is by no means a democrat, rather an autocrat turning into a dictator!

He is an impossible candidate as Bolivian people voted NO to his re-re-re-re election in a Referendum on February 21st, 2016.

He poses as a democrat, while his whole political life was filled with threats, blockades, riots, and use of force against legally constituted governments [El Dia 6/11/2019]:

As such, evo has never agreed to debate, which is also understood given his limited intellectual/academic capacity … he is nothing more than a demagogue populist who uses pet phrases, that after 14 years have resulted in an empty, boring, ridiculous speech … [El Diario 6/11/2019]

There are many individuals who say, he is just a facade as not anyone else would have accepted to be treated as a puppet. On the other hand, people like me, looking at how Bolivian syndicates are structured, the coca growers’ union of the Chapare is no joke, and he remains as the sole leader, thus, his desires and orders have to be obeyed without hesitation.

The ruling of the unions in Bolivia has always been brutally vertical. That is why he is still out in the pinnacle and behaves like a king … this has to stop, he can NO longer remain doing harm to our democracy, we must stop the corruption and narcotrafficking he has boosted, no more!!

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