#dakar 2018 go home, do NOT COME to #Bolivia, we have main issues to deal with the autocracy!

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is a crucial week for our democracy rights! The world must understand that the coca caudillo has gone too far!

Pagina Siete cartoon 01/08/2018

El Diario reports:

Protests persist in the country

Government faces conflicting week

• Several sectors join to demand that the Government abrogate Law 1005 of the Criminal System Code
• The medical sector maintains pressure measures and heavy transport starts today national blockade of roads
• The civic committees of Potosí and Santa Cruz called a 24-hour strike to be held tomorrow [01/09/2018] and Friday 12
• Legislative Assembly today begins activities with the mission to repeal articles 137 and 205 of the Penal Code

The rejection of the Criminal System Code, promulgated by the Government, mobilizes several sectors, among them the heavy cargo carriers that today [01/08/2018] begin with the national blockade of roads, in addition to the civic organizations that announced 24-hour strikes, which will be fulfilled in this week. The requirement is that the entire legal norm be repealed.

Meanwhile, the president of the Medical College of Bolivia, Anibal Cruz, informed that the doctors still await the response of the Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, regarding the incorporation of the sixth point of the agreement reached between both sectors. This sector is still on strike and maintains the pickets of hunger strike, for 46 days.

For the civic potosinos, the norm promulgated the past December 16 is an imposition of the Government to which they blamed to propitiate a “fatal blow to the democracy” and to the rights consecrated in the Political Constitution of the State.

On the other hand, the Legislative Assembly today begins its activities with the mission of repealing articles 137 and 205 of the new Code of the Criminal System at the request of the physicians.


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2 thoughts on “#dakar 2018 go home, do NOT COME to #Bolivia, we have main issues to deal with the autocracy!

  1. I find that your articles are the only ones published in reference to the turmoil in Bolivia, no other website or English newspaper is following this tragic changes, thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

    1. It is sad, the way my country has been destroyed, we lost our institutionality, there is rampant corruption and evo’s regime honors the ALBA venture … we must recover our Republic, we must not lose this battle, our democracy is under serious peril. Thank you Lily for your concern.

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