evo’s days of his illegitimate power are reaching their end!

Pagina Siete reports:

Activists: Evo has 525 days left in the mandate

The Minister of the Presidency, Alfredo Rada, yesterday [August 14, 21018] highlighted the 4,587 days that Evo Morales has been in the presidential chair, as the longest mandate in the history of the country. In response, 21F activist Beto Astorga said that in reality, the Head of State has 525 days left in power.

“We have made an estimate, that from today (yesterday) until January 22, 2020, President Evo Morales has 525 days left in office. After this, he has to hand over the presidential sash to a new president and we, as platforms, are going to enforce the 21F,” affirmed Astorga, who represents the group Otra Izquierda es Posible [Another Left is Possible].

According to the activist, the Government of Evo Morales had “more mistakes than successes”, since “it was highlighted by negative facts and scandals.”

“There have been other records, it has been characterized as one of the most corrupt governments in history, by public waste and other events,” he said.

However, Minister Rada assured that the President managed to fulfill more than 12 years of mandate for the changes he achieved in the country, such as the nationalization of hydrocarbons, the new sovereign economic model and redistributive social policies and “the loyalty of social movements” with Morales, among other factors. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: a “nationalization” that prevented serious investments, Bolivia is in the verge of loosing its natural gas exports due to the lack of reserves. A “nationalization” that costed us more money in settlements and also those companies managed to recover some of their expenses as refundable, something that never happened, So it is pure demagogue and ochlocracy. There is nothing like a “sovereign” economic model when we ceased to be competitive, even the dollar exchange rate place our exports in jeopardy. This “extractivist” model only profited on the high prices of all the commodities we export. It is the international market prices that made this “government” appear as successful. Blooming corruption triggered smuggling of goods and money laundering from the blooming narcotrafficking  There was NO “redistribution,” only demagogue bonuses who are not sustainable. Appropriation of some industries that were passed on to the unions which later-on led to almost bankruptcy. Illegal and violent land take overs and even forestry and mining concessions happened to be superseded, just to please those leaders of the so-called “social movements” which are nothing but hordes of acolytes who want to profit and ask for retribution. A Mayor in the highlands was set on fire to death, for opposing the ruling party. !6 miners died in Huanuni when evo let two antagonistic groups fight for that concession, he needed the votes of both groups, so he did nothing to prevent those casualties. During “elections” people against evo were not allowed to campaign in some regions of Bolivia, during election day people were closely watched to secure the vote for evo. So much for democracy. The “loyalty” only stays as long as they receive quotas on the government structure or their illegal activities are let to go unmolested. Many indigenous groups and workers’ unions were corrupted or another organizations were set in place, when those unions were contrary to the desires of the egomaniac. There are over 700 Bolivians that had to flee the country due to political persecution.]

“President Evo Morales today exceeds (yesterday) [August 14, 21018] that record and reaches 4,587 days in continuous efforts on the basis of victories democratically achieved in 2005, 2009 and 2014,” said Rada.


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