Te la chingas AMLO! – Man up AMLO!

Sembrar para cosechar no? El Gobierno de #Mexico dio cobijo a un descarado y fraudulento morales, le permitió hacer y decir todo y ahora dicen “quien podrá defendernos?!” Respetos guardan respetos, pinche AMLO‼️

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Mexico says agents in Bolivia have surrounded ambassador’s residence

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexico complained on Monday (Dec 23) that 150 Bolivian intelligence agents have surrounded the Mexican ambassador’s residence in La Paz and tried to search the ambassador’s vehicle.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said on Monday the ring of Bolivian agents in military dress started over the weekend.

The department said the presence of the guards and the stopping and attempted search of a diplomatic vehicle violated diplomatic protections and guarantees.

Mexico briefly gave asylum to ousted President Evo Morales and has given refuge to about 30 of his supporters at its embassy facilities in La Paz.

Mexico called the Bolivian interim government’s actions “unacceptable” in an open letter to the Organisation of American States.

Morales resigned as Bolivia’s president on Nov 10, after conservative opponents staged demonstrations against alleged vote fraud in his attempt to win re-election.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Let’s be clear, that Embassy holds at least five people accused of sedition, electoral fraud and overall corruption. Background: former head of Senate Adriana Salvatierra, during the first week that evo fled the country, went into that Embassy and came out as if it was a hotel, she went out to stir the mob, to continue with rioting and seditious plans to contribute to the political instability, with the only purpose to get back the coca grower to the presidency … so … we learned the lesson and need to prosecute those people who seek asylum there, nothing more, nothin less. Man up AMLO!

Opinión Bolivian Thoughts: Seamos claros, la Embajada cobija al menos cinco personas acusadas de sedición, fraude electoral y corrupción general. Antecedentes: la ex jefa del Senado Adriana Salvatierra, durante la primera semana que evo huyó del país, entró en esa embajada y salió como si fuera un hotel, salió a agitar a la mafia, para continuar con disturbios y planes sediciosos para contribuir a la inestabilidad política, con el único propósito de devolver al cocalero a la presidencia … entonces … aprendimos la lección y necesitamos enjuiciar a las personas que buscan asilo allí, nada más y nada menos. Se más hombre AMLO!

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