Legislators: Crisis in TSE gives rise to electoral fraud

El Diario reports and photoshopped photo of the wannabe autocrat comes from the internet:

As in Venezuela

The resignation of two members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in the beginning of a pre-election period, with the holding of primary elections prior to the general elections in 2019, causes alarm in the country’s political sphere, because it predicts an alleged electoral fraud, manipulated by the Movement to Socialism (MAS), as happened in Venezuela in August of 2017.

“The ghost of fraud is much more evident, now, there is no longer any confidence in this Supreme Electoral Tribunal that has lost all its institutionality to such an extent that there is a member who painted walls for the Movement to Socialism. What can we expect from these people? Surely they will comply with the orders of the powerful, of this dictatorial regime and with that it is clear that there is a very serious electoral fraud danger. It is disastrous. Now we are the same as in Venezuela,” said Barrientos.

Yesterday, the members that remain in the TSE after the resignation of the president and vice president (Katia Uriona and José Luis Exeni) said that there is a quorum necessary for the completion of the primary elections of January 2019 and for his part, the vice president, Alvaro Garcia, announced the approval of a law to appoint two new members to fill the leaderless left by Uriona and Exeni.

However, the two announcements caused more distrust and doubts in the political spectrum of the opposition.

“Unfortunately there is a crisis in the Electoral Tribunal. What they should do is leaving, to renounce because of ethics and morals, but they do not do it. It is surprising that (Antonio) Costas and (Dunia) Sandóval continue insisting on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, taking into account that the other members are related to the MAS. Let’s hope that does not happen like in Venezuela because we, Bolivians, are fighters and we are not going to let that happen in Bolivia. We are going to maket them respect us,” said Deputy Amilcar Barral.

In as much, the analyst, Carlos Böhrt, affirmed that this scene is opposite for all the electoral process that approaches. He also pointed to a possible fraud.

“Weakened and, perhaps, the institutionalist current has disappeared, electoral fraud now has open doors. Political conditions become even more difficult for democratic forces. What should the opposition do? a) Now more than ever need to articulate a Broad Front strong enough to dismantle or minimize, at least, the upcoming envisioned electoral fraud. b) To make viable its constitution, triumphalist behaviors can not fit,” he said through social networks.


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