Cárdenas: “Voting null is a vote of rebellion and condemnation of the biased system”

An interview to Victor Hugo Cardenas, El Deber:


Cárdenas: “Voting null is a vote of rebellion and condemnation of the biased system”

Víctor Hugo Cárdenas asks the voters to take pictures of the ballot and send that material to the computer centers to check against the data given by the electoral body.

What are the reasons for the citizen to vote null on Sunday?

There are four reasons. The first is that the method that the Government promoted in 2011 and now for the selection of the candidates is biased and does not guarantee any impartiality, besides the current candidates are ex officio of the Judicial Branch; the second is the fact that those who ask, review documents and those who qualify are people from the MAS and they scored higher to their own and to the others, they scored low.

The third reason is the attitude of the Executive to get their hands to take control of the Judicial Branch and they did so in 2011 with the admission and authorization of Evo Morales for the 2014 election and now they do it again with the admission of the appeal. who presented the MAS. That is to say, there is a docility behavior on the part of the Judicial Body towards the Executive Body and that dependency cancels the independence and impartiality of the judicial organ. The last reason to vote null will be because it will be a rejection of the maneuvers that the central government is making so that after the result it looks for new suitable ways to pre-qualify the deserving postulants.

But the null vote and the blank have no legal effects, what to do in that

In all processes the legality and legitimacy aspect is played, they always go hand in hand. In legal terms only the valid vote will be counted and the magistrates will be appointed with any vote obtained by the candidates, since it happened in 2011 where more than two thirds of the population rejected the candidates and if this time the vote is repeated, it will be a National and international scandal.

Legality without legitimacy is an enormous weakness that new magistrates must face, that is the null vote game, which certainly does not affect the valid ones, but it will be a vote of rebellion and condemnation of the biased system of the judiciary.

In this election there is no presence of delegates of political organizations and in the face of this situation, how should the citizen take care and watch that the vote he deposited at the polls be respected in final scrutiny?

Each citizen must sacrifice a little of their time and take a photograph of the final vote count and that photo must be sent to the computer centers that will publish the results of the election in the following hours and days. If the citizen sends that picture via mail, emails, whatsapp or other means of communication to the computer centers that are installed outside the Electoral Tribunal there will be material to be able to compare with the data given by the electoral members.

That is the only way we have to control the scrutiny because there will be no delegates of political parties or social control, although the law provides for social control, citizens can take control, but the government is not interested in that and pressured to the electoral members so that they do not allow social control to do the audit.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This will be the second time Bolivians are forced to elect “candidates” already pre-screened by the MAS … our Justice System has lost credibility, objectivity and will continue to respond to the egomaniac’s desires …

Victor Hugo Cardenas is one of the best possible candidates to restore credibility over the political scenario in Bolivia, I just wish people like him do not give up and continue to fight this delusional egomaniac.

As a classic liberal, I firmly believe that we must restore our Republic, our democracy!

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