What are exactly the thirteen points in the Bolivia-Chile agenda?

Bolivia has a serious and long-lasting pending issue with Chile.

The following is from El Diario and highlights the 13 point agenda that Bolivia has been conducting with Chile, in the last few years:

The thirteen points Bolivia-Chile

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.46.03 AMHere are the 13 points of negotiation between Bolivia and Chile. Point 6, maritime theme was excluded by the Chilean diplomacy and is the key point for our country. [of course that Chile will try to continue to minimize our loss, and of course they will “show-to-the-world” they are good neighbors, when in fact Chile’s governments, throughout this 136 years have remained constant in neglecting their invader role]

  1. Development of mutual trust: It aimed to perform a series of meetings to strengthen the relationship between the two countries;
  2. Border integration;
  3. Free transit: It included free storage of Bolivian cargo at the port of Iquique and extra-port storage sites;
  4. Physical integration: Includes road routes that connect the two countries, as well as enabling the Arica-La Paz;
  5. Economic Complementation: Developing a strategic plan to combat smuggling, trade and tourism;
  6. Maritime Theme: The agenda mentioned the need to maintain bilateral dialogue from a constructive perspective. In Chile, this topic is beyond debate, as it is based in The Hague;
  7. Silala and water resources: Bolivia want to resolve sovereignty over the [use of] waters of the spring that starts in the southern part of the country and empties into Chile;
  8. Instruments to fight against poverty;
  9. Security & Protection: This section includes the demining of the border, building a methodology for defense spending, a cooperation agreement to natural disasters and police cooperation agreement;
  10. Cooperation for control of drug trafficking and essential chemicals and precursors;
  11. Education, science and technology;
  12. Cultures: Includes an agreement for the protection and restitution of cultural heritage and commitment to study and research of archaeological and historical heritage;
  13. Other issues: Agreement to allow paid activities [work] for consular spouses, administrative and technical staff; an agreement on social security issues; Chile cooperation for the implementation of Bolivian elections abroad.


A crucial issue to keep and enforce this agenda is that current political party in power, starting from the coca-grower caudillo should be to learn how to keep their mouth shut. Speaking without control and just out of their guts of the moment, does not lead anywhere.

To read in Spanish an interesting article that summarizes our ordeal, and present status, read what Alejandro Veliz wrote in El Diario, yesterday [02/21/2015], use this link.

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