Former Bolivian President Janine Anez has a kidney infection: her doctor asked to take her from prison to hospital

Freddie Dawson, Pen Media Inc:

The former interim president of Bolivia, Janine Anez, was registered on March 13th while she was looking out from the Felcc Special Forces cells, in La Paz (Bolivia). EFE / Stringer

A report from the private physician Janine Anez, the former transitional president of Bolivia, indicated that she suffers from “acute pyelonephritis” and that she needs to be hospitalized, but other doctors in the prison medical board have refused to allow her to leave the prison where she is being held in a preventive manner.

Dr. Pavel Engels’ report was released on Saturday through the former president’s social networks, and in this indicates that he participated in a medical meeting on April 21 with Wilder Huanka, a doctor from Miraflores prison where she is being held. Former President and Ramiro Gutierrez, on behalf of the government.

Engels explained that the former president suffers from “acute pyelonephritis”, which is an infection of the kidneys, and that Dr. Gutierrez concluded the same diagnosis, but his comments were not recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Dr. Anez’s report stated in detail that Dr. Gutierrez “suggested starting treatment inside the prison” and that both had agreed to initiate “bacterial treatment” while “legal procedures would allow him to leave” to receive appropriate care.

“Conclusion that Dr. Wilder Huanka did not wish to be recorded on the two lines he recorded in the record,” the report reads. Huanka said that the conditions are in the prison for receiving this treatment and that he does not agree to his release from prison. At the end of the meeting, Huanka and Gutierrez decided to initiate “intravenous therapy” and that according to her development, it would be decided whether it was necessary to transfer her to a clinic.

And Engels wrote: “It was not our conclusion minutes ago, I told him that I would not continue to participate in the meeting, because my attendance and my comments were useless, so I withdrew.” He concluded by saying, “Given the stubbornness of the aforementioned authorities, they suggested to the family to initiate the necessary intravenous treatment inside the prison in order to protect the health of the former president.”

This week, the former president suffered from a compensation in which she suffered from a fever, vomiting and severe abdominal painTherefore, his lawyers requested that the private doctors be allowed into the prison.

Anez has been in prison for more than a month for the so-called “coup” case based on allegations of alleged conspiracy, incitement and terrorism during the political and social crisis that occurred at the end of 2019 that led to the president’s resignation. Morales assumed the presidency and canceled elections that year amid allegations of fraud.

The arrest of the former transitional president and two of her former ministers was born Tensions Between the ruling party, which advocates that it seeks “justice” in the face of what it considers a “coup” against Evo Morales, and the opposition denouncing political “persecution”, in addition to statements by international organizations that demanded due process.

Pictured, former interim president of Bolivia, Janine Anez, on March 13, 2021. EFE / Stringer / Archive

Last week also witnessed an argument between the ruling party and the opposition after a committee of deputies visited the prison.

The deputies of the governmental socialist movement confirmed that the former president Enjoys alleged privileges in prison, While The opponents denounce the violation of many of their rights.

A group of parliamentarians from the two opposition blocs, Comunidad Ciudadana and Kremos, announced a trip to the United States to condemn “Violation of the democratic orderAnd thePolitical persecution“ Luis Arce’s government against opponents, the police and the military for the 2019 crisis.

With information from EFE

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