If this is not a loud and hard slap onto evo, I don’t know what it is …

Erbol reports via El Diario:

Vice President-elect of Brazil:

“Unasur died”

“Unasur’s practically failed, died and forgot to go to bed,” said the vice president-elect of Brazil, Antonio Hamilton Mourau, regarding the situation of the international organization, whose current presidency has Bolivia.

Mourau, formula companion of Jair Bolsonaro, made those statements in an interview with UOL, at the moment to explain the position of his Government regarding its international defense policy.

In this context, he affirmed that the UNASUR Defense Council never took off and that it was a whim of those who ruled the South American nations with a vision of the 19th century, with an “anti-Americanism” (rejection of the United States), that criterion is “childish”.

Bolivia opened the Unasur Parliament in Cochabamba in September. Then, the President offered the infrastructure to meetings of social movements, marriages and graduations.

Brazil is part of the group of six countries that suspended their participation in the bloc in April of this year, after Bolivia assumed the pro tempore presidency. That fact occurred amid international tension due to the denunciations against the government of Nicolás Maduro, an ally of Evo Morales.

Regarding the Venezuelan situation, the vice-president of Bolsonaro said that Brazil will press for an alternation in power, although he does not agree with applying sanctions to his neighboring country.

“Let’s remember that, since 1998, that group [chavista] is in power in Venezuela, they are 20 years of power. This curve came to an end,” he added. (Erbol)


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