evo’s delusional desire to remain in power has taken one more life!

Reuters reports via DW:

Bolivia protests: Student dies after violent clashes

The unrest has been ongoing since President Morales’ controversial reelection last month amid accusations of vote rigging. The main opposition leader has arrived in the capital with

A student was killed as civil unrest continued on the streets of Bolivia on Wednesday. Pressure on President Evo Morales to resign over opposition accusations of corruption related to his recent reelection is increasing.

The 20 year-old student died following violent clashes between pro- and anti-government protesters in the city of Cochabamba, a doctor at the local hospital told news agency AFP. Roughly 20 more people were injured in the clashes, according to Ombudsman Nadia Cruz.

President Morales reacted on Twitter to the developments. “I express my deep regret for the death of young Limbert Guzman, an innocent victim of violence promoted by political groups that encourage racial hatred among Bolivian brothers. I reiterate my call for social peace.” [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: We have never had such a liar as president! He mocked the way Bolivian people does the blockades, he offered a workshop on how to do strikes. One of his party member, Torrico, warned Bolivian mothers, not to cry when their sons and daughters result death. Minister of Defense Zaconeta, said that today there will be more death within the protestors. evo has armed his hordes with dynamite, knifes, clubs in order to engage the pacific citizens. This site and all over the internet you can see videos and photos, where you see mobsters disguising as miners, peasant women and men … even males in disguise as cholita peasant women … people clearly with urban clothing below their waist, but disguised as peasants. People taking buses, planes, and also collecting money. Army and police received a supplemental, a bonus to obey … the latter watch the clash between peaceful strikers and evo’s hordes, only when the police notice that the masistas are loosing ground they “intervene” … it is complete anarchy and chaos, and evo is the only responsible for the death and wounded!]

Protest leader arrives

In the meantime, protest leader Luis Fernando Camacho arrived in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, demanding Morales’ resignation over the rigging accusations.

Camacho, a civic leader from the eastern city of Santa Cruz, plans to head for the presidential palace to give an already written resignation letter for Morales to merely sign.

Carlos Mesa, who was Morales’ nearest rival in the election, met Camacho at the airport upon his arrival.

“I think this is a fundamental moment for the opposition that believes in a democratic response and a peaceful way out,” said Mesa, who has joined the chorus of disapproval over Morales’ electoral victory.

Morales, who has been in power since 2006, has defended his victory, claiming that the opposition is trying to lead a “coup” against him and that his rivals were to blame for the violent response.

jsi/rt (AFP, Reuters)


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