Permanent tourism and economic crisis [evo’s boondoggles]

A clear strong Editorial from El Diario; graph displayed below was found when searching in the web for Bolivia economic crisis:

The growth of the State’s external debt; the decrease in international reserves and external investments; the increase in public debt; Among other aspects, they are not good indicators of the country’s health, at a time when the government suffers from a growing shortage of money due to the fall in the prices of export raw materials (especially gas) and the flow of financial costs is reduced for unjustifiable expenses.

Not only that, it is observed that the coffers of the State are running out of the abundant income that enjoyed during the prolonged bonanza period (2006-2017) and at the same time, an intense tourist activity of the main rulers of the country, among them, there are the costly trips of Evo Morales to Turkey and Dubai, Vice President Álvaro García Linera to Germany and the President of the Senate to Argentina, with the argument that they are going to seek investments.

It highlights the trip the President of the State to countries with apparent prosperity in search of investments and trade agreements, while, on the other hand, the Minister of Economy adjusts the pegs to the population to increase taxes, seeking, in this way, to obtain funds for State expenditures, especially at electoral moments aimed at imposing the indefinite extension of the ruling clique.

In this “financial” tourism, President Evo Morales traveled to Moscow and soon visited other European countries, with little known results. To complete that journey, he visited Greece, which can not emerge from a crippling crisis and other nations. He recently moved to Dubai (to meet the crown prince), moving to Turkey, which is debating in a deep political crisis over the prorogation attempt of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The intense state tourism in search of capital and investments is magnified as soon as it is affirmed that the country is enjoying economic growth, a contradiction that would mean that things are not as good as they appear. The so-called presidential affirmation that Bolivia “is no longer a beggar country” is also denied, since, precisely, going to some countries in crisis is like begging the beggars or, as the popular saying goes, “asking for pears from an elm tree” [asking for the impossible].

To make matters worse, in a prolongation of official travel around the world, next July announces the visit of the Bolivian president to Russia, where he was in June last year to attend the inauguration of a ffotball world championship. although it was shown as a trip to seek capitals and interviews with big capitalists to make investments in Bolivia, although, finally, everything was turned into a huge zero. Hence, public opinion claims that instead of such expensive tourism, it would be preferable to build some hospitals to improve the health of the popular masses.

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