Bolivian reality 101: Bad and good corruption according to political color

An striking truth, Editorial from El Diario, photo from Los Tiempos, 2016:

In our environment, corruption is an endemic and widespread evil. It is seen in the big and in the small, but above all it nests in the bowels of the State, understanding it not only the Central Government but also the mayors and governorships. Of course decentralized institutions and public companies are a huge part of the pandemic. Neither the Armed Forces nor the Police come out well.

Corruption is a phenomenon that may well be called intranational “modernity”. Moors and Christians repeat the litany that “it was always like this” in our history, however it is not like that. The vice of corruption came from the second half of the last century (XX) and, worst of all, as part of the natural pattern of behavior. If the truth is seen well, it was not once the tone of the rulers and public men. Many ex-presidents of the past died in poverty and can cite several examples that space does not allow.

Since corruption has many cover-ups, most of its thefts are surely unknown. One of these cases that has come to light is the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz, for the acquisition of distinctive bands of its use and 120 flags. The two negotiated mean more 100,000 bolivianos. Overprices are estimated at at least triple the current cost in the market. This surcharge was denounced by Councilman Johnny Fernandez-independent of the mayor’s allies-and criticized that nine low-ranking officials were suspended, without investigating the “high commands” of the Council.

He also denounced the repeated hiring (6 times), with a sole proprietorship for the maintenance of the city’s sources. Since 2014, unbelievably, 17 million bolivianos have been paid to date. Mayor Percy Fernandez, named “pichangas” to these illicit. Worse still is the cession of the Santa Cruz mayoralty of the advertising spaces or fences to some private ones and, nevertheless, it pays for the rent of the same spaces 12 million bolivianos. These complaints merit a proper investigation and punishment.

The mayors of Cochabamba and Oruro face serious complaints of overpricing in the purchase of backpacks from Chinese manufacturers. The first has just been the subject of another complaint by security cameras, reaching an impressive sum. The Executive Body is quick to follow processes to the opposition mayors (it is not the case of the mayor of Oruro), but is blind in relation to the mayoralties that the MAS holds.

The followers of the mayor of Cochabamba should be determined to demand a fair trial, without assuming a political defense along with his claim to return to their functions. With this procedure, they seem to defend dubious acts, if not guilty, acting in that sense because they are a commander of their political group. In short, it follows that the corruption of adversaries is bad, but if it is proper, it is good. In this way the country is condemned to suffer the turns of corruption, today of some and tomorrow of others. Under this perverse logic there will be no possible redemption and we will remain sunk in the moral and administrative mud.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Ever since evo assumed government, there were literally hundreds of corruption cases that became front news and within days were “forgotten” as other fresh came out publicly.

This Editorial offers a wider view and there is only one action to make: we MUST recover our lives, we must recover our Nation!

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