$100 thousand for Evo? – ¿$us 100 mil para Evo?

Página Siete reports, photo/video at the bottom from the internet:

$100 thousand for Evo?

The national authorities, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office have done well to detain María Palacios, the woman who took 100,000 undeclared dollars to Buenos Aires and whose migratory flow indicates that she has left the country 40 times in the last four months, which They coincide with the crisis experienced in Bolivia.

The Minister of Government, Arturo Murillo, said that Palacios was a trustworthy person of former Minister Juan Ramón Quintana, while she said that she was assistant manager of PDVSA in Bolivia and that the money she was carrying was to give it to a senior executive of that Venezuelan company in Argentina for the payment of salaries. However, what she did not say is that PDVSA stopped operating in Bolivia in 2018, after several failures and after its license expired. In Argentina it does not operate either.

For this reason, it is logical to think that the money that Palacios was carrying could be to finance activities of former president Evo Morales in Argentina and that, precisely, for that type of irregular activities a PDVSA office has been maintained in Bolivia, although they have no oil activities in national territory.

====versión español====

¿$us 100 mil para Evo?

Han hecho bien las autoridades nacionales, la Policía y la Fiscalía en detener a María Palacios, la mujer que llevaba 100 mil dólares no declarados a Buenos Aires y cuyo flujo migratorio señala que ha salido del país 40 veces en los últimos cuatro meses, los que coinciden con la crisis vivida en Bolivia.

El ministro de Gobierno, Arturo Murillo, aseguró que Palacios era persona de confianza del exministro Juan Ramón Quintana, mientras que ella dijo que era subgerente de Pdvsa en Bolivia y que el dinero que estaba llevando era para entregárselo a una alta ejecutiva de esa compañía venezolana en Argentina para el pago de sueldos. Sin embargo, lo que ella no dijo es que Pdvsa dejó de operar en Bolivia en 2018, después de varios fracasos y luego de expirar su licencia. En Argentina tampoco opera.

Por tal motivo, es lógico pensar que el dinero que llevaba Palacios podía ser para financiar actividades del expresidente Evo Morales en Argentina y que, justamente, para ese tipo de actividades irregulares se haya mantenido una oficina de Pdvsa en Bolivia, aunque no existan actividades petroleras suyas en territorio nacional.


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