CLS Parachutes into Bolivia’s Political Mess

Kevin McCauley reports for O’Dwyer’s, photo from the internet:

CLS Strategies has picked up a 90-day assignment to provide strategic counsel to the government of Bolivia, which has been rocked by political upheaval.

Former president Evo Morales, who ruled the country for 14 years, has been granted refugee status in Argentina.

He fled to Mexico following a contested election in October after his government was charged with manipulating the results.

Bolivia’s interim president Jeanine Anez issued an arrest warrant for Morales, charging him with treason.

The job of CLS is to advise the government on strengthening democracy and human rights. It will work to ensure that the 2020 election is free and fair.

CLS’ representation is worth $90K over the three-month assignment. It is in the process of finalizing a written agreement.

Partner Juan Cortinas, former press secretary for Florida Republican Congresswoman Ilena Ros-Lentinen & communications director for Puerto Rico federal affairs administration, and William Moore, who did PR work in Colombia, handle the Bolivia effort.

Omnicom owns CLS.

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