We left 14 dark years of oblivion. Let’s rebuild, all Bolivians together!

Bolivia has a new Constitutional President

Lawyer, Jeanine Añez, 52, was Second Vice President of the Senate, and since many of evo’s acolytes left the country and the government along with him; those remaining congress people from the MAS didn’t want to participate in the Congress Session.

My take on this is as follows: The dark intend of those masistas that didn’t resign and were still promoting chaos, was to wait for a second call for the Congress session.

Given the fact that Bolivia was in turmoil, they wanted to use  their majority, and participate in that session, sneak in Susana Rivero [with glasses photo below, with Adriana Salvatierra, reportedly staying at the Mexican Embassy, “seeking” refugee] and using that majority would nominate and approve Rivero as president, who in time, would give the presidency back to evo. Which is the proven Venezuelan recipe, worked for Chavez, Correa, Maduro, and was going to be executed. Thank God, there was this legal option, and Bolivia can start rebuilding back our Republic.

Brazil, through Chancellor Ernesto Araujo, has already given their recognition to President Jeanine Añez.

President Añez, thus, has a primary objective: call for new presidential transparent elections, as soon as possible.

Viva Bolivia!


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