Unasur, another white elephant

A great Editorial from El Diario, photo from the internet reflecting the egocentric coca grower caudillo:

In the ordinary language the concept “white elephant” refers to that type of animal that runs freely, without anyone bothering it, the streets of the cities of India. It is a large, sacred animal that has no value, it is not used, but it is respected. This elephant is a symbol of uselessness. The concept “white elephant” is synonymous with “pharaonic work” that is a work built with high cost that does not produce income.

In recent years, the Plurinational State has built large buildings, installed huge industries and inaugurated large-scale works with the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars, which, however, do not have the expected utility. Moreover, many of these multimillion-dollar state investments do not produce any income, do not justify the large amounts of money invested, operate at a loss and, if that is not enough, demand new funds to finance their deficits.

Of the 32 companies owned by the State, around fifteen are in collapse, such as the Huanuni mining mill, the Karachipampa and Corocoro smelters, the Orinoco Museum, the dry oil wells and the large buildings that the government built in San Benito, neighborhoods of Tarata, where an international parliamentary body had to operate, a project of the former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez: the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), a populist entity that died before being born.

This monumental work of several blocks and fields of recreation, which occupies several hectares, cost no less than 62 million dollars (according to a report by the Minister of Public Works). That is not all, the luxuriously furnished buildings will not be destined for what they were built, because Unasur is in agony and most of its partners are in disarray or incapable of naming delegates.

This center of large buildings was built exclusively with Bolivian State monies equivalent to 433,258,229 million bolivianos, (62 million dollars). President Evo Morales confessed a few days ago that he rejected the offers of other nations to contribute to the construction of this center and said: “Initially it was thought that all the countries of South America contribute to the seat of the South American Parliament … With the vice president, with much intelligence, but also with great strength and commitment, we said: ‘Why are we going to be waiting for all the countries of South America to contribute?’ As our economy is growing, we decided, through responsibility, with our economic resources, we must build that headquarters”. (Sic).

So, during the last three years these blocks were built, but despite the expense, so far it has only served to host a recent congress of coca growers, that is, it is a white elephant, a pharaonic work, an expense that could be defined as misappropriation, while in the village there are diseases, there are not enough hospitals, there is hunger, to say the least.


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