The more you “stay” in government, the more you have to lie: propaganda hides ineptitude

El Dia reports:

In six years

More than Bs2,200 million were spent on communication

The Ministry of Communication between 2011-2016 had a budget of more than 2.271 million Bolivians.

In 2016, it was the year that received more financial resources that surpassed the 660.4 million Bolivians.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Communication, during that period the budget increased by at least 85%. In 2011, it received more than Bs74 million; a year later the amount doubled to Bs150.8 million and in 2013 it rose to Bs183.9 million.

2014 increased to more than Bs649.6 million; while in 2015 it fell to Bs552.6 million and in 2016 it rose to over Bs 660.4 million, this budget was the highest of the last six years. / ANF

Let’s keep this in perspective: Official exchange rate to a dollar is Bs6.96 which makes a waste of $326,412,180.42 million dollars!

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