Chiquitania fire, war crime

Editorial from El Diario, photos from the internet:

The enormous fires of forests and grasslands in the country, mainly in Chiquitania, where immense fields of about 50 thousand square kilometers burned for two months, have left devastated lands, covered with ashes. The tragedy has caused public outrage and, at the same time, the reaction of environmental defenders who demand legal action against the perpetrators and even go to the Hague courts.

Significantly reduced fires thanks to providential rains, the nature defense agencies demand the prosecution of the perpetrators and responsible for the predation, caused, in high proportion, deliberately and widely by state mechanisms and to be treated, in the broad sense of concept of a crime against humanity. In that sense it is suggested that the case be taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, so that it does not remain in impunity.

This proposition constitutes an urgent national need in view of the magnitude of the fire, which, however, is trying to relegate it to oblivion and deny it seriousness to allow, in this way, to let the authors and accomplices of the tragedy remain immune and unpunished.

The demand for prosecution of those guilty of the crisis must have as its main objective to find the causes and the lenity of the authorities related to the slash-and-burn, to thoroughly investigate the origin and extent of the damage, rather than punish those who may be accused of the crime, procedure that would determine that, so that the fire is not repeated. Therefore, investigating the origin of the crime is more important than punishing those who were found to be charged with “ecocides.”

What happened in Chiquitania was, in fact, a criminal offense, an ecological catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, impossible to define and evaluate. It was a war crime that, moreover, has not ended, if it is not just beginning and threatens humanity if the measures recommended by the least sense of responsibility are not taken in time. What happened in Chiquitania is a crime against humanity, both for affecting the region, and for its scope at the continental and even planetary levels. It must be considered a criminal offense through legal provisions, including at the international level.

The government issued dozens of measures to punish crimes (racism, discrimination, femicide, infanticide, minor cases, sexual abuse, etc.), but has not considered the sanction of crimes such as Chiquitania. It makes fuss with matters of minimum amount, but deliberately ignores those of large size.

The atrocity that occurred in Chiquitania cannot be allowed to happen like hearing rain and, at least, the Legislature must take action on the matter, proposing criminal measures and urging the ICJ of The Hague to be interested in sanctioning this crime of It hurts humanity.


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