The masismo over the years, have suffered democratic defeats!

An excerpt from Ivan Arias’ excellent column, counting errors and defeats of the masismo, the full article in Spanish, can be read using the link at the bottom:

Masismo defeats!

Ivan AriasMaking a review of the past 10 years, we find some milestones that demonstrate that opposition, in its various expressions, was not absent and in its worst flutter, and managed to survive not only the strength to show presence but to influence the agenda in national affairs and defining moments. Let’s see.

2008: reform of more than 100 articles of the new Constitution which prevented a copy to the letter of the Chavez and Catalan political state constitutions. 2010: defense of the TIPNIS and unmasking the regime in its ethnic and pachamamista [mother earth’s] dimension. 2011: defeat of the ruling appointee Jessica Jordan in the elections for governor of Beni. That same year, the defeat in the election of judges by popular vote which imposed blank and null votes, driven by the opposition.

2012: defeat of the ruling party for mayor of Sucre. 2013-2014. Terrorism case falls with the exiles of then Senator Roger Pinto, the prosecutor Marcelo Soza and murder of Analy Huaycho in the hands of Captain Jorge Clavijo, principal actor involved in the massacre at Las Americas hotel.

These facts open the question of whether the rule of law Bolivia or low intensity democracy is actually lived. 2014: at the end of 2013 Pagina Siete makes the first signs of corruption allegations in the Indigenous Fund, which will be the spearhead for that, then, the then peasant leader Rafael Quispe and today congressman, had uncover one of the most scandalous corruption sources at government level.

2015: defeat of the ruling party in eight of the top 10 cities in Bolivia in March regional elections for autonomy. In those elections, there is evidence that MAS is no longer hegemonic in rural areas. The same year, in October, five departments of the West said no to the statutes driven by the MAS.

The full article also recalls the effective manipulation that the coca grower party had succeeded in portraying the opposition as nonexistent…

It was my intent to show the world how Bolivia had changed since this ochlocracy took over. They spend millions of dollars in propaganda, that is why in 2011, I decided to translate the best articles and information available in Bolivia that can not make it outside… sometimes I feel we are living in countries like North Korea where there is absolute control and distortion to the benefit of the ruler…

NoSo, we must stop this nonsense and start rebuilding our Nation on February 21st,  when we will vote NO!

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